(Updated) “Not quick count” was quick after all in Davao City

Despite earlier admission of constraints –including being undermanned and barraged with technical glitch (not glitz as earlier spelled), the Namfrel quick count in Davao City appeared to be quick after all.

Humbly, Namfrel Davao chair Eduardo Robillo, faced the media with zest and truthfulness. He told the press they were experiencing problems, including financial and matter-of-factly admitted they needed help.

I’m not yet sure if they got 100 percent of the election returns, but he said thanks to a number of support groups like around 300 volunteers, PICPA and a biking club — they were able to tally votes from 3,038 out of the city’s 3, 585 precincts. They closed shop on Saturday, still ahead of Comelec (Comelec proclaimed winners on Saturday evening).

It is clear however, from statements of Mr. Robillo, and other sources like Fr. Bert Alejo of the Ateneo that the Archdiocese of Davao did not give full support to the citizens-led quick count.

Paring Bert over a chatter last Fiday said many of the priests were reportedly demoralized by the lack of change in the electoral process despite the years of working with Namfrel. Whatever it is —but where is the local church’s magnanimity if indeed demoralization is true? We are waiting for the full truth to come from them the bishop or the clergy, at least.

There were also others who said it was really the delay in Namfrel’s accreditation, due to a Comelec clog and internal conflicts in Namfrel itself, among oither things.

It’s really a pity we cannot fully trust the Namfrel’s national network.

Whatever is the reason behind the lack of preparation of Namfrel or of any citizens-led quick count initiative for that matter, lessons should be learned for 2010.

Maybe it was a lousy excuse to be unprepared for a democratic exercise so marred with cheating, but the local quick count people said they did “best efforts.” And I’m sure they really did. I believe them based on what I know so far.


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13 responses to “(Updated) “Not quick count” was quick after all in Davao City”

  1. Blogie Robillo says :

    Thanks for this, Waltz! 🙂

  2. Mark says :

    “technical glitz”? Do you mean “technical glitch”? 🙂

  3. mindanaw says :

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you. Yeah its supposed to be “glitch”. I apologize for the error.
    Big Tango for the feedback, I appreciate it; 🙂

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