Hope in the honesty of an ordinary Dabawenyo

It has been a while since I posted a comment here. Since I am a reporter first before a blogger, blogging takes the backstage when I’m pressed for overbearing outputs.

I think it will be for a while before I could return to posting views, vignettes, or reflections in this blog.

I am taking today, however, as an exemption. I can’t wait for me to write a news item about something not necessarily a stellar feat of one Dabawenyo.

His name is Alan Olaer, a resident of Barangay 6-A. We really do not know much about him, which we could keep at that level for now. But he surely did one great-small thing.

You see last Sunday, thanks to oligarchs in the wireless internet service, MindaNews lost its PLDT DSL wi-fi connection. I mean the wholeday, starting 12:06 a.m. Saturday up to around 11p.m. Sunday.

We waited until early afternoon reserving trust in the internet provider, but to no avail. So time came that we have to scamper in the search of an internet cafe not using PLDT DSL, perhaps SMART BRO or whatever. The updating of our website and the dispatch of the stories of the day have been hampered.

We failed in our search for that reliable provider in the Matina area, and our editor Carol, has to take over and try her luck in the wi-fi zones among the city’s bars or coffee shops.

In the rush and owing to pressure of time, Carol left her wallet and found out only about it when it was already pay time at a cafe in SM. It was already past 11p.m. when I received her text. She was ultimately worried about her personal stuff in the wallet, including ID and credit cards. We reported the incident to the cafe management and the taxi company.

At the end of the day, she called her credit card company to report lostof the card and its cancellation. So we all resigned to the fact that it was lost, and probably can’t be recovered anymore. In our mind, however, we retained hope there will be one soul who will return it.

The next day, Carol gets a call from Alan, who took the cab next to her. Allan found the wallet at the floor of the vehicle. He phoned Carol to inform where she can get it. He found Carol’s landline number from the back of one of the contact cards she kept there.

Thanks to Mr. Allan Olaer! First for returning a lost item to its rightful owner. But more on showing courage to do what he thinks is right for him to do. His small feat manifests that there is still hope for honest people to shine. And Allan need not run for public office just to show it.

CQ of Mindanao Times told our Davao reporters’ loop that it should be from the likes of Alan where our leaders should come from.

And I fully agree, what with the dirt of our recent elections. At least there is one spot clear enough in the grease — we have not lost sight of hope. Let us not.


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