Outgoing officials should ensure smooth transition to successors

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/29 May) — Incumbent officials who lost or those who are
“graduating” from their third term on June 30, should ensure a smooth
transition to their successors, the Department of Interior and Local
Governments (DILG) said as a reminder.

DILG regional director Rodolfo Rasul told MindaNews the outgoing
administrations among local governments around the region should ensure new
officials assume a clean slate.

He said this should be the focus of outgoing administrations after the
proclamation of winners in the elections and before the simultaneous
oath-taking in June 30. Rasul said non-government organizations in the community, especially those
included in the Local Development Council, must make sure the transition is
carried out.

Rasul said there are “exit mechanisms” instituted in government to ensure
outgoing officials are cleared of responsibilities and are well accounted
before leaving office.

He said the officials will have to go through a clearance procedure, which has
to be transparent.

He said the mechanisms are internal to the local government units because it
is the responsibility of the local chief executives such as the mayors and the
governors, to make sure governance continues smoothly.

Rasul said at the least the outgoing administration should ensure an
“appropriate turnover” to the incoming officials.

He cited the transitory management team composed of representatives from both
the outgoing and the incoming administration, including representatives from
national line agencies in the area.

He said incoming officials should also prepare before taking oath. He cited
the need for them to ensure the outgoing officials are cleared to prevent
disruptions to service later on.

Rasul said in most cases, incoming officials, particularly mayors and
governors, who run opposing outgoing officials, will have a “rough” time in
the transition.

He cited the key role of the NGOs to lead the public in scrutinizing the
record of the outgoing administration to ensure the incoming officials can
perform as expected.

He said LGUs are required to enlist the help of the NGOs in local government.
The Local Government Code of 1991 mandated 25 percent of its membership for
the community-based NGOs.

Rasul said, however, that the DILG is yet to start pushing and reminding LGUs
on the transition scheme. (Walter I. Balane/MindaNews)



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