A walk in the shade along Ponciano Street

May 30, I’ll remember the day.

It was past noon, in fact close to 1p.m. when I decided to tag along Azir, another reporter, to drop by the Mindanao Times office. By 2p.m. we shall have arrived at the Grand Men Seng Hotel where Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, king to many, has a scheduled appearance with the Regional Peace and Order Council.

I always have a penchant on taking a walk, if not just to counter any guilt feelings for eating lunch “to the heart’s content.” Well sometimes there’s not much choice what with a mortifying traffic. Sometimes, it gets disorderly as bracing the walk even if its a hot, hot, hot day.

That’s what exactly unfolded in our walk from Marco Polo Hotel to Times, or so it seemed.

However, when we crossed Ponciano to take the cover of the trees, I realized we were really walking along the cool and calming shade of the tall Acacias and fruit trees lining Ponciano Street on the right side. Azir said summer is finally over because the heat is cool. Of course, I know that’s apt. But I was pretty sure it was also due to the consoling shelter of the trees.

I could still remember how the wind touched my forehead, yes up to now. That strip in Davao’s urban jungle will become my oasis whenever I’m close to the area.

We got to the Mindanao Times on time and, thanks to the editor-in-chief’s permission for the PC, I was able to file a story in at least 30 minutes.

I consider that experience an eye-opener even if it would appear a shallow subject among the million things I could blog about today.

I choose to post this because in an age when people could only take the shelter of the malls or the airconditioned offices for sanctuary — its comforting to see remnants, and perhaps reminders of what we are ought to do with our environment.

I wonder how it feels to walk through Davao’s streets if its lined up with more of these trees. It could be a leasurely walk in the midst of clogging traffic and the pressures around.

Maybe not yet for this generation, right, but perhaps for those who come next.

What about designing cities with trees along the road? It would be good for the hikers, bikers, tourists, and even to those who simply want space to walk and frolic in the shade.


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