Davao vs. Bangkok pitted for WHO model city in Asia

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day!

In relation to that, Dr.Domilyn Villareiz of the Davao City Anti-Smoking Task Force shared to me over a chance encounter at the 911 operations center Tuesday, that the World Health Organization is choosing which between Davao City or Thailand’s capital, Bangkok is the rightful model city for its anti-smoking advocacy campaign.

Dr. Villareiz said Davao City was nominated by the Southeast Asian Tobacco Control Alliance, which is also based in Bangkok.

Ooops, when I saw that on their website, I thought Bangkok would win it as WHO announces the winner sometime tomorrow. So what if we win? Well, Dr. Villareiz said we won’t really get any direct reward but our local efforts here will be showcased around Asia. So what (part 2) — we get exposure for probably more tourists or retirees? Nah, that’s only my guess. 

The city council approved the Comprehensive Anti Smoking Ordinance No. 0423 in November 2002. About a year later, the city government enforced the city ordinance with the making it the only city in the country strictly implementing the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003 or Republic Act 9211, said Dr. Domilyn Villareiz, who heads the task force.

She said the city is only one around the country that has fully enforced the anti-smoking law.

Hmm…let’s see if, shall we say,per capita consumption of tobacco declined in the city aside from the statistics showing reduction in tobacco related cases in hospitals or out of it.


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