Pikit kidnap victims’ media presentation: What happened?

kidnap-release.jpgThe Pikit kidnap victims were presented to the media during their
turnover to the Cotabato Police Provincial Office (CPPO) at the
International Monitoring Team office in Cotabato City on Friday. L-R:
Consuelo San Juan, driver Diego Daniel Jr., Mae Sharon Jackson and
husband Thomas Wallraf, a German national from Cologne.
(MindaNews photo by Williamor A. Magbanua)

This is a firing squad photo. But I’m not really looking at that ‘angle’. My eyes caught the shirts worn by the victims. Are those the usual shirts that police authorities make criminal suspects wear when presented to the media, just like how they do it in Camp Crame? Wait, wait, wait … are they victims or suspects? It would appear from the photo that some people might have made the mistake, maybe unwittingly, of using the victims in promoting whatever was printed on that shirt. Is that necessary? Maybe the shirt’s print says: “make peace, not war”.

Ok, but I still think they don’t look good, I mean making them wear uniform shirts convey a different message to me.

I really hope they were just made to wear those shirts to refresh and to replace yesterday’s laundry.

They really looked so sad. And the gloomy-colored shirt did not help. Plus look at how they are poised –are they handcuffed? Just asking. I should ask these questions to Williamor.

What do you think? Read the MindaNews story on the kidnapping and the release yesterday here.





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One response to “Pikit kidnap victims’ media presentation: What happened?”

  1. mindanaoexaminer says :

    I agree — it’s a firing squad photo alright — and I believed the uniforms are those used by the MILF rebels. It’s too sad that the MILF has followed what law enforcements have been doing in parading criminals to public and media!

    Publicity should be sensitive to the plight and ordeal of these people.

    Too bad.


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