A thousand jobs at hand as US firm to locate in Davao?

According to a press release from the Department of Trade and Industry in Southeastern Mindanao, another multi-million foreign-based call center firm will put up a branch in Davao City within six months.

Is this another sign that Davao is  on its way to become the ICT hub?

The press release said the Sutherland Global Services is a New York-based business process outsourcing (BPO) company. At least 1,000 job opportunities will be available to qualified applicants once the company formally starts recruiting.

Trade Assistant Secretary Merly M. Cruz said based on the conversation of DTI 11 and the National Economic Research and Business Assistance Center (Nerbac) with the company’s executives, the latter showed decisiveness to locate in Davao. 

“They have decided to have a branch here in Davao because they’ve seen the city’s potentials. Among others, the city has already installed the necessary infrastructures for BPO business and a number of its graduates are highly-competent to become call center agents,” she said. 

Cruz also cited that the Damosa IT (information technology) Park has already received an accreditation from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (Peza), a development which makes Davao City more attractive to BPO investors. 

The Sutherland Global Services is a privately-held company with over 20 years of experience in the customer management space. 

Since 1986, some of the world’s most respected companies have depended on Sutherland to manage various aspects of their customer operations. 

The PR  said the company offers an end-to-end set of contact center and back-office outsourcing services that clients can choose to implement in either an integrated or stand alone manner. 

Cruz is optimistic the entry of Sutherland will create a big boost to the region’s information and communications technology (ICT) industry.


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40 responses to “A thousand jobs at hand as US firm to locate in Davao?”

  1. Edwin says :

    When will Sutherland Global Services Start recruiting? Where will be their temporary office?

  2. Brandy says :

    Where’s their recuitment office?

  3. julia says :

    visit http://www.suth.com —careers —phil location

    i dont think they already have a recruitment office there in davao

  4. Edwin says :

    I tried sending emails to them but it bounces back. I likewise called up their offices but you have to know people there or a local number before you can access talk to their staff. Any idea where they can be contacted?

  5. julia says :

    ill try to drop by at their ofc anytime this week and ask about it. im also interested about this… anyway are u working with any of the call center in davao right now?

  6. edwin says :

    thanks. not as of this moment. would like to take a try on this industry

  7. Evelyn says :

    what are your qualificaions? I am from Davao City but working here in United Arab Emirates for 5 years as an Airport Secretary. I wish to apply so that I can be with my family. Can you give me feedback about this?

  8. Ed Almosara says :

    Hi guys gud day! can anyone tell me where’s the address of sutherland here in Davao city? Thank you

  9. gracey says :

    guys, dont get too much excited about it. first you have to consider other factors. before this company will settle in a specific place they must secure potential workers. this means, fluent speakers of standard american language. i believe in filipinos potential,but training is a must also. and the bottom point of this is, is there any english proficiency trianing conducted in your place? is there enough work force if ever sutherland would settle in your place?

  10. Jane says :

    Congratulations Davaoenians!

    It’s your time to shine. Sutherland has come to give oportunities to those who are capable and have potentials in working as a call center agent and the like. I know before this multi- company planned to settle in Davao they have already conducted severals trainings for the people in your city. God bless
    and goodluck to all of you!!!

  11. Lorlene says :

    we all await the opening of Sutherland.. Keep visiting this site!!! gudluck to us!! I’l keep u updated with sutherland…

  12. tots says :

    Some things you should have/ get when working with Call Centers
    1. Fluency in English
    2. Good Communication Skills
    3. Multi-tasking ablity

    something to help applicants:
    A There is no such thing as “American English”.
    There are American Accents (Texas, New York, California)

    B Avoid Filipino-isms
    Don’t say “for awhile”. say “please hold”
    “I’ll go ahead” is not equivalent to “Mauna na ako”
    They’ll ask you “you’ll go ahead and what?”

    I wish you luck fellow taga-davao!Ü
    God bless!

  13. Waltzib says :

    Thanks tots for your inputs.
    To those whose asking questions about Sutherland, our blog visitor Julia (see above) recommended dropping by this site,. http://www.suth.com.

  14. van says :


  15. andy says :

    Do you want to apply at Sutherland Davao?

    email your resume: hr_davao@suth.com

  16. Shawn says :

    well andy, thanks for the HR emaiL

    I’m an Officer in Charge/Team Leader in a call center company based in Manila for almost 2 1/2 years, I’ve already experienced taking calls for a customer service account and currently for technical account.. I just had my vacation in Davao city last week and I’m planning to stay there… I’ve heard that Sutherland will have a working site there and you are in need of a supervisor. I’m interested to be a part of your company..

    I’m going to submit my immidiate resignation to the company that im currently working for if you guys will hire me. (I can go back to Davao City as soon as possible).. =)

  17. shiloh says :

    Im planning to work in DAvao as well.. ive been here in cebu for more than a year already working in a call center as well.. I miss Davao so much and its really good to work with your family. Is it gonna be with a good pay? I HOPE IT WILL! AYt?

  18. Dan says :

    Thousands of Davaoenos work in vendors(call centers and other BPO providers and captives(in-house call centers, shared service centers, etc) in Manila today. And there are hundreds of supervisors and middle managers in Manila too. And dozens of senior managers.

    I don’t think these call centers will try to attract those Davaoenos in Manila back to Davao, since they’ll have to raise the salary base and effect artificial salary inflation.

    The main reason why they are opening in the provinces in the first place is to avoid the already expensive salaries in Manila. These companies will be hiring fresh recruits who most likely do not have experience in the call center industry or fresh graduates.

    For Davaoenos working in the offshoring industry in Manila, if you’re willing to relocate to Davao and would like to work in call centers opening here, you must also be willing to lower your salary expectations.

    This is the present salary ranges in vendors (monthly base salary):
    For Manila:
    Agents – Mean P14,000
    Supervisors – Mean P22,000
    Managers – Mean P39,000

    For Davao(projected)
    Agents – Mean P9,000
    Supervisors – Mean P16,000
    Managers – Mean P30,000

    A premium might be given for managers or senior managers and trainers but not with Agents and supervisors.

  19. hiutopor says :


    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  20. Barry says :

    If you’re referring to the CCAP call center benchmarking report, the actual base salary in mean is:

    Agent: PHP 13,737 (mean)
    Supervisor: PHP 22,441 (mean)
    Manager: PHP 39,656 (mean)

    Our benchmark plan for Davao might look like this:

    Agent: PHP 9,000
    Supervisor: PHP 14,400
    Manager: PHP 25,200

  21. deborah dahili says :

    im interested more in the supervisory position.

    do you have the target date of operation for davao?

  22. Barry says :

    No Deborah. I’m not from Sutherland. I’m from another company. But we have some sort of contingency plan for opening an office in Davao.

    We just have so many challenges with opening in Davao. It’s easier for us to open in Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Bacolod or Dumaguete.

    These are the main reasons why it’s difficult to open up shop in Davao:

    1)The lack of PEZA-accredited offices and locations.

    2)Expensive telecommunications provider. There’s no other option other than PLDT. Infrastructure in telecommunications is insufficient or just limited to PLDT.

    3)Disappointing support from the local government. Difficult to leverage the city. It’s probably a lack of knowledge in the industry in the local government’s part.

    The only real benefit we see is the lower employee cost and a largely untapped labor pool, not only in Davao but in the neighboring provinces.

    If people from Davao would like to see BPOs and call centers opening in their lovely city, the people should work together, both with the government and non-government sectors to create a business invironment that would entice these companies. And you must engage in aggressive business solicitation.

    You city has so much in store and ready for the taking, except it just lacks the basic necessities required by call centers.

  23. Shawn says :

    hmmm.. guys, just keep me updated ‘coz i really wanna work in Sutherland Davao

  24. John says :

    guys, here’s the news from:

    “..Meanwhile, two weeks ago, Sutherland Global Services, a US-based contact center firm, decided not to pursue its plan to up a facility in the city for undisclosed reasons…”

    Copyright 2007 Business World Publishing Corporation, Source: The Financial Times Limited


  25. Barry says :


    The news report is right. There are so many challenges that Davao is facing right now. It’s really incredible due to the fact that it’s the 3rd largest metropolitan area in the Philippines after NCR and Cebu and yet it is losing out in the industry to smaller cities like Dumaguete, Baguio, Clark, Cagayan de Oro, etc.

    In the company I work for here in Manila, we have a lot of Davaoeños working for us and about half a dozen Davaoeño managers, most of them graduates of Ateneo de Davao. Many of them are interested in moving to Davao when we can finally open up shop there. Problem is their pay is at par with Manila pay and not what we are hoping for in Davao.

    But just to give hope to the many Davaoeños, we’ve just gotten an industry report (which we paid a lot for) from Davao. There are several real estate areas there currently being developed for BPO and IT use. Though only a few are still nearing completion, there are some which have recently started development and many still in the planning stages. Bottomline is a LOT are in the pipeline already. Once these real estate developments move up and ready for use, you will see a flood of BPOs, call centers and other ICT companies opening in Davao. Our projection is late next year.

    The only three negative aspects of that report is that still, 1) PLDT is the only dominant provider, (though others are already on the move). 2) Davao Light (the power company in Davao) should lower its rates a bit. 3) Potential problems with labor pool.

    But anything else, Davao has a very bright future in the outsourcing/offshoring business in the years to come.

  26. Shawn says :

    another update from:

    “Meanwhile, Pasawa said that Sutherland, a foreign-based call center company, is asking support from the City Government of Davao.”

    so they are still not giving up huh…..
    barry, just keep us updated…

  27. secret says :

    hey, i think suth didnt get any good buildings around davao. either they are really BARAT or not that interested. what they’re saying is that they lack support from the government as compared to those small provinces. Maybe they wanted a free building for two years just like what they had in clark.

  28. Don says :

    My suggestion to Davaoeños…

    Don’t worry too much about Sutherland. There are dozens of companies looking at opening in Davao within the next 2 to 3 years. The labor market in Manila is already saturated. Instead of labor sourcing from fresh sources, they resort to poaching from each other or source from the provinces. Cebu is also fast approaching saturation. Inevitably, Davao will see dozens of companies opening in its city.

    But what I suggest is for Davaoeños to open your own BPO companies. This is a perfect time to start up while there’s still a level playing field. Once the big companies open, it will be very difficult to compete with them.

    So start now.

  29. Don says :

    Very very good news Davao!! Sutherland is pushing through it’s opening in Davao!!

    They’re not yet looking for agents and supervisors, they’re still headhunting for senior managers, senior recruiters, senior HR practitioners and other vital leadership positions. Recruiters in Manila are already scouting and calling potential candidates for senior leadership posts for Davao.

    Once they’re done hiring the senior leaders, and setting up the strategy for implementing and setting up the site, they’ll be on a mass hiring program in Davao.

    There is still a black out on this news, BUT, (since I’m an employee =D) I just got the news last week. Unofficial/official word amongst the recruitment people is if when people ask where in Davao, to just say “undergoing construction” or “within the city”.

    So it’s a go everyone after so many months of pauses, bumps, rumors and delays!! Get ready people of Davao and spruce up your resumes! Sutherland is coming to town!!!

  30. zelra says :

    oi ung isang kalbaw nsa Sutherland Global Services eh terminated nga s call center namin eh ang yabang n nya. alisin nyo yung baboy n yan or kalabaw n yan kc kawa2 kau wla kayong gawin kung di makinig ng kanyang mga hina2kit asus transparency pla ha. zipped….

  31. josh says :

    hindi maganda magtrabaho sa sutherland. pero kung tagadavao ka, trabaho k n lng muna dyan sa sutherland for 1 or 2 yrs. gain experience. pagdumating na ang ibang mga mas malalaki at masmagagandang call centers sa davao, lumipat ka agad. may advantage ka na dhil sa experience mo. Diba??

  32. cherry says :

    To Van:

    Like you, i also like to apply at the airport. any position will do. If ever you have the information about it pls give me a call. plsss….. here’s my cell #- 09282833855. tnx


  33. career jobs in Davao says :

    it is a good news… new businesses to put up means great chances for job opportunities. 🙂

  34. sutherland says :

    mga bai!!! sutherland is undergoing negotiations with the owners of …..guess what???……Pryce Tower!!!! di ko pa alam kung may final na, pero for the past several weeks they were negotiating with Pryce for the offices of Sutherland in Davao!!!

  35. FahrenheiT says :

    ‘want a call center job?

    Global Connect eSolutions, a new contact center in Davao city is looking for Call/Contact Center Agents.

    Guys, this is a new company so the opportunity of a successful career is very possible! The company’s rate is higher than other contact centers in the region.. They are following a “one day process” so that you’ll be able to know the status of your application..

    please send you resume to:
    Mr. Paulo Tiangco
    contact# (0929) 240-3000

    or you may visit:
    2nd Floor, Door #4 Malayan Insurance Building,
    K.M. 6 JP Laurel Ave., Bajada
    Davao City
    TEL# (082) 3035231

  36. gwyn de real goden says :


    I’m MR. GWYN DE REAL GODEN, 27 years old, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering. I wish to apply as “technical support representative / call center agent” in your prestigious company. I am a hard working and highly trainable person. I can work under pressure. I was connected before at Honda Prestige Traders Inc. – Panabo City branch as “cash custodian’, a supervisory level positon. I was on that job for 3 years and I was in-charge in cash handling in the office and all the collection involving money in the branch. I know how sensitive my work is, but I’m so glad and honor that the company gave their trust to me. Before I got promoted, I worked as a Marketing Assistant in which, dealing with different kind of people, convincing them to buy our product. With this experienced, I’m sure I can handle this kind of job.
    In addition, I attached my resume and other credentials for further information. I am willing to undergo for an interview anytime, you can contact me with this no.: +639216076728
    Thank you very much.

  37. Paul Alcantara says :

    Please give us the address and telephone numbers of the company. we would like to apply for the job but we dont know where to find them. please inform us as soon as u read this message.

  38. harry-kun says :


    i am a college student here in davao and i want to have a job.. i’m a newbie in this field but i am willing to be trained. i’m just gone bored going to school day by day. i want to have a part time activity/work where at least i can use my leisure time more benefitable or shall we say “profitable” lolz.. hehehe

    i think a call center “agent” sounds cool.. and wanna try that since it is the trade now. and it somewhat kinda suits me a bit coz im an Infotech stud?? hmm..hope so.. but i really wanna try it..i’m not going to lose anything if i try right?? so guys share share naman jan…

    harry-kun here..looking forward.. thank you very strong^_^…

  39. almar ocut says :

    i just want 2 know if available pa po ba ang slots nyo as call center agent.And what are the qualifications?

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