Davao dumps ‘too commercialized’ Kadayawan

DAVAO CITY – Commercialized revelries would have to give way to
cultural education.

The city government here announced this today and disclosed that it
would discontinue holding high prized street competitions and street
parties that had drawn participants from many provinces in Mindanao.

Wendel Avisado, city administrator and co-chair of the Kadayawan
Festival 2007 steering committee, told reporters today that the
Kadayawan, renowned as the “festival of festivals in Mindanao” would
push through in August.

“But revelers would have to brace for fewer commercialized activities
as the city government prefers a highly educational appeal, with focus
on the uniqueness of the city’s blend of tribal communities,” he said.Avisado briefed reporters about preparations two months ahead of the
scheduled dates on August 8 to 19 and said that the Kadayawan would
retain activities “that project the real Davao City”.

“The festival is an expression of thanksgiving, not necessarily for it
s commercial value,” Avisado said, and clarified that the city would
not hold those competitions offering high prizes anymore and would
encourage instead, “voluntary” performances and presentations.

Last year, former City Tourism Officer Id Acaylar was forced to resign
over the controversy surrounding the Hiyas ng Kadayawan, a fashion
show involving both young men and women. The show, Avisado, will no
longer be slated this year.

The Kadayawan Foundation, Inc., which managed the festival, has also
decided not to handle it this year, and Avisado said this prompted the
city government to organize a private sector-led steering committee
just like the one running its Araw ng Dabaw foundation anniversary

Avisado also disclosed that the city’s fruit industry has requested
the city to move the holding of the festival on September, which was
the original month of the festival. He said the city would forego that
decision for next year saying that hotel bookings and other tourist
arrangements made since last year were already meant for the August

The festival opens on August 8, the day the city government will also
inaugurate and open to the public the renovated PTA Grounds Park.

On the second day, public and private schools under the Department of
Education will feature dance presentations depicting the history of

The daily cultural showcase of the city’s eight tribal groups will
dominate the 12-day scheduled festivities.  From August 10 to 17, the
tribes will take turns in showcasing their culture through food,
dances, rituals, and other presentations at the Rizal Park.

The eight tribes in the city are the Ata Manobo, Obo Manuvu, Tagabawa
and the five Moro indigenous peoples namely the Samal, Kalagan,
Maguindanao, Maranao, and Tausog.

Avisado said most of the P700, 000 budget allotted for the festival
will go to the cultural showcase.

Avisado said this year they have closely coordinated with the deputy
mayors for each tribe to prepare for the festival. (Walter I. Balane /


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

6 responses to “Davao dumps ‘too commercialized’ Kadayawan”

  1. Jonas says :

    The Kadayawan Festival 2007 will be very boring. If this style will continue, this festival will belong to just minor festival. Just like araw ng dabaw, very boring! no big activities, just a stupid civic parade!

    So what do we expect? cheap floats? duh! we want great and beautiful floral floats! and what do we expect for the dancers? amateurs? huh!

    If we bring back the old and lame Kadayawan, think first of the tourism, the foreigners, locals…

    Kadayawan Festival is going worldwide! and we’ll just pull it back to its original useless form? c’mon! Think back!

    WE can control the commercials but don’t remove some of the successful events such as Street Party, Kaan Dawet, or etc.

    What makes me excited Every Kadayawan? The development, the floats but now, The floats and indak-indak are not for contest anymore? If I were a participant of the floral float parade, I will just place a bouquet of flowers in my float!

    C’mon! think first before you decide! Commercialized Kadayawan is way better than you think…

  2. Regie says :

    My Wife is looking forward this year Kadayawan.
    We already book a flight to August 17.

    Looking forward an exciting adventure in the city of Davao.

  3. charity says :

    when will be the grand festival? the street dancing and all? i cant leave work for a long time.

  4. wakki says :

    are the dates final? august 8 to 19; I hope its not final yet, my friends (7 Malaysians) will only be arriving on the evening of august 19, we cannot change our airline bookings and our application for leave has been approved.

  5. Nowa Cyrhyl Balderas says :

    kadayawan should be bongga and fabulosa beacuse its the festival of all festivels!!!!!so cheap if we’re going into primitive kind of celebration!!!!

  6. mindanaw says :

    I guess Kadayawan is not “too commercialized” but still commercialized. The fun is still there. What we need to look at is if putting the lumads in the limelight via the cultural presentations will draw enough crowd to reach a “critical mass” for cultural education.

    Are we really better off in an effort to look at our (I mean Dabaw’s) roots by watching the shows?

    Ok, I’ll take a basic point. Do presentations depict the real situation of the city’s IPs? Or just a part of the real. Here’s this IP support group, SAGIP, who said the picture isn’t of a joyous people, but such of an abused and far from happy IP communities.

    The group could have said that for a number of reasons. We would like to see, yes, the real score.

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