Dabawenya finds independence in garbage recycling business

DAVAO CITY – She used to earn a fixed monthly income of P3,000 as a “promo girl” for products like corned beef, toothpaste, soap but she now earns an average of P75,000 a month buying and selling garbage for recycling.

Alma Labis, 37, mother of six, owes her family’s financial independence to the thriving garbage recycling business here.

From a P700 initial capital in June 2005, Labis said Love Best Junk Shop, their “small-time” junk buy and sell outfit in Matina Aplaya, now earns an average of P75,000 which is “enough to send our children to school.”

She sends her children to school with their income, two to college, one in high school, and two are still in elementary. She said she also attends to her youngest, still a baby, while she runs the business.Labis talked to reporters in a press conference introducing a one-day event intended to promote materials recovery as one option for addressing the city’s solid waste problem.

She joined chamber officials and representatives from other business entities Monday in promoting the city’s 7th Recyclable Collection Event to be held at the SM City Car Park on June 30.

The event is a collaboration of government environment institutions, business groups, companies among others.
“Still many could not appreciate that there is money from garbage,” she told MindaNews.

She said aside from being attuned with the city’s solid waste management thrust of segregating wastes, people can actually earn from garbage.

Love Best Junk Shop will be among nine buyers who will put up buying stations during the event.Read full story here.


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3 responses to “Dabawenya finds independence in garbage recycling business”

  1. Arman says :

    May i know the telephone number of the Love Best Junk Shop? I have many defective ups, cpu and etch for sale. If ever the said shop will buy these item mention above, please call me or text me at this number 09268004538.

    Thank you very much!


  2. roycuevas69 says :

    im a newbie ( obvious ba?)_
    but i’d like to ask the admin in particular – can we put (probably under environment) solid waste mgt as a ‘major’ topic?

    question like ‘ how are we handling or “garbage” or to our politicians ‘whats the State Of our GArbage Today? (SOGAT instead of SONA’

    We applaud the junkshop entrepreneurs (while it good)but have we featured the ‘scavengers’ who exposed their health wallowing thru the vermin mixed in our domestic (not to mention) industrial waste?

    to be personal about it – how are the bloggers in this section managing their waste? the usual garbage?

    i hope this isnt too much to ask.. lest we forget the writings – john 6:12

  3. elisa licera says :

    please provide me some information of your success in managing a junk shop. thank you

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