NTC to require registration of cell phones, Wwhhhhhaaaatttt?

Cell phone makers, dealers, and even users, according to this report at GMA News.tv, will soon have to register their units with the Nationaol Telecommunications Commission (NTC) before they can be activated.

The agency has issued a new draft circular on the matter, according to Efren R. Cabanlig, NTC director for Radio Regulations and Licensing Division.

Isn’t this going too out of board? The report stated the on Monday Cabanlig said an earlier draft circular requiring all cell phones for sale to bear tamper-proof stickers did not address the objective and the more pressing problems brought about by the use of these cell phones.

“Safeguards must be instituted to address the problems on smuggling, terrorism, theft, and robbery, text spams to protect the wider interest of the public which is not momentarily considered in the proposed circular,” Cabanlig was quoted as saying.

Could you believe this? Read the full text please so we could discuss some more. Personally, I think the government is balancing on security and privacy.

Well, for security –it would be easier to run after those causing text scams and other crimes proliferating via the mobile phone.

But doesn’t it give easier powers for the state, too, to identify easily whose lines they are tapping? I’m sure this will continue to ensue wider debates, probably resonating issues raised against the anti-terror bill euphemistically called Human Security Act. Wew!


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One response to “NTC to require registration of cell phones, Wwhhhhhaaaatttt?”

  1. migs says :

    I understand that they are only requiring registration of the phones.. meaning.. the Unit. An “open line” unit can accommodate more than 1 network – more than one account.

    Ang ayaw ko lang… may FEE!

    aside from that, you need to text NTC something pa.. to complete your registration…


    more of my comments here:


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