Weaving through Mindanao’s sea of realities

I chanced upon Blogie Blog’s “Y Do u blog” survey days ago and I seriously thought of my answer before ticking an option. Blogie limited the choices to four –“to keep a journal”, “to be heard”, “to make money”, and “I don’t blog.”

Somehow, I wondered why he didn’t include “all of the above” to refer to the first three. But I thank that survey for causing me to reflect on why I blog.

Actually, I intended to go on a blog leave today. I caught the flu virus which, fortunately, I quickly nipped at the bud. But when I saw this unfinished post that I have sidelined since many months ago, I have to blink.

I know this was coming.

How to sustain and upscale Istambay sa Mindanao is a concern I would soon confront. For two weeks I have seriously considered how to improve this as I anticipate some changes ahead.

My first motivation to blog was just to test the waters. In 2004, I heard people were into blogs so followed suit as I said on this post.

But I also realized I should be able to use it for a greater end and it should go beyond my own conquest of technological itch or curiosity.

It was easy putting it up in 2004. I started tinkering on a Blog Spot account one day in November that year, then eventually migrated to WordPress because I had 24/7 internet access.

I started blogging by “blogging”. I mean I wrote about my views and takes on anything under the sun. Now I have decided to keep it, at most as a journal of the news stories I wrote and those, which I found are interesting (in my opinion) for readers on Mindanao.

It has caused some frictions, too, especially when this blogger steps on issues journalists confront on sourcing. I have tried to be faithful as my editors would always remind me I’m a reporter first before a blogger. (‘coz there is an ocean of difference between the two.)

When I started drawing a small crowd of visitors, I found out Istambay was beginning to fill a tiny void about current events written on Mindanao. Thanks to those few who returned after they bumped in to my blog.

Everyday, however, is a study of sensitive choices. And sometimes there are wrong calls.

As a general beat reporter, I get to cover oftentimes the bad news and I have grown uncomfortable about it landing on my blog, too (or even writing about it in the first place).

Bad news is bad news. And no matter how you put it into context it remains one even if you write it to influence impact towards good news.

But I realized that Mindanao —the wide and vast field I choose to blog about — is so complex, diverse and potent of news and the bad news oftentimes outnumbers the good.

I don’t blame it entirely to what is really happening in the field since I could choose not to report it or probably blur about it by taking another angle. But I think the reason it’s out is because it is out and happening. I must admit, it is easier to gather information about bad news because its there and you can’t ignore it. Besides it is hard not to write about what is glaring.

It is not easy to search and weave though good or bad news in the sea of Mindanao realities.

Ideally, I thirst for good news that’s true, reliable and sensible. (And not those fraught with the bearer’s self-flagellation.)

The feeling persisted up to this posting that I have tried to develop a simple balance formula.

Whenever I post a negative entry I must post something positive after it. No matter how I felt it is re-creative, if not “fantastic” I tried to put that mode on. Maybe things will improve in due time because I blogged about it.

For now, I have decided to keep this blog patiently as I expect it to evolve on its own.

But I have already resolved to upscale and go pro-blogging in the future. What, how and why, I’ll soon post about it.


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

2 responses to “Weaving through Mindanao’s sea of realities”

  1. kokegulper says :

    keep that news-blogging coming in, whether good or bad. It makes us informed citizens of our beloved Mindanao. While I don’t really give a hoot on some people admonishing you for writing what is bad news, It is notable you tried to “balance” this with a corresponding “positive” news.

    keep it up man!The istambay will always have onlookers…

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