Agri sector top employer of child laborers

The agricultural sector, particularly the sugarcane industry, hires more child workers than any other sector in Southeastern Mindanao, an official of the International Program for the Elimination of Child Labor (IPEC) said.

In a press conference Thursday to mark World Day against Child Labor, Vic
Magallanes, Davao coordinator of the International Labor Organization’s IPEC
component, said the agricultural sector tops the four areas considered as
“high risk” for child labor in the region.

The other sectors are mining, domestic work, and commercial sex.
The press conference was organized by the National Coalition against Child
Labor to increase awareness towards the problem considered by the ILO as
“alarming.”Magallanes used figures from recipient communities of IPEC’s intervention
programs which showed that the biggest number comes from the sugarcane
industry at 2,683 out of 4,474 workers in the program in the region.

Southeastern Mindanao comprises the three Davao provinces, Compostela Valley
and the cities therein.

Next to sugarcane came mining with 1,032 children employed, commercially and
sexually exploited children at 405, and child in domestic work at 354.
IPEC wants to get the real number of child laborers in the region as well as
look deeper into their situation.

Magallanes said the biggest problem behind child labor is poverty with parents
forced to drag their children to work. READ FULL STORY HERE.


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