DOH trying to keep the doctors in the country

Health Sec. Francisco Duque III admitted to reporters today that the biggest problem facing the Department of Health as of now  is out-migration of the country’s health human resources.

He told MindaNews they have engaged in a battle to keep the doctors from going out by offering them packages to work extra with private hospitals, higher renumeration from Philhealth reimbursements, and a long-term program of scholarships for aspiring doctors nation-wide.

Duque said, however, that the next second biggest problem is budget as the DOH continues to work with a budget cut.

Duque pledged that in 2008 budget for DOH will be bigger and a bigger portion will be allocated for  Mindanao. He did not specify how much but he said increments would go especially to the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, where health indicators have remained at dismal levels.

But he said it still depends on whether the autonomous region’s health department can put in place management, auditing, and accounting mechanisms.

“They have to put it up within the year, otherwise they will miss their share of the increase in the budget next year.

These are woes for the leadership in the ARMM, indeed.


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2 responses to “DOH trying to keep the doctors in the country”

  1. kokegulper says :

    I have yet to learn any from so called “DOH incentives” to win back doctors especially here in Mindanao. Sec Duque failed to mention the lack of hospital facilities and medicines to better served the Filipinos here. Even If we have adequate human health resources (which I doubt will be solved in the near future) how can we treat patient if we only have our bare hands?

  2. misha says :

    his vision is unrealistic….dont blame the doctors…blame the government for keeping such a pathetic budget for the people..Citizens in the lower socioeconomic group are the ones suffering because of this poor budget….Doctors are leaving because the government cant pay them well in their nobles jobs…..Just to note…nobody lives in this country just to work for charity while knowing in the other hand that many govt officials…..’who are not saving lives in their hands’ who so undeservingly gets a big chunk of our national funds through various illegal means. This is so unfair….so they cannot simply say that they are stopping doctors from leaving.
    We doctors are earning in our honest hardwork……and we are not stupid to work for crooked officials.

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