Can’t let go?

A real Mindanawon, one who truly cares for these islands or who have learned to breath its air through birth, lineage, professional relocation or by sheer chance — must have frowned at the break of news of another bomb explosion.

And especially when it brought havoc and ended lives, one’s heart must be in pain to see those affected. Like the case of those in Bansalan, Davao del Sur as depicted in this MindaNews story.

When Carol A., one of our editors at MindaNews asked me if I’m coming with them to Bansalan where a bomb reportedly exploded last week, I was hesitant.

Since I could not go because of a prior commitment, I passed but all the while the imagery of the blast sight hounded me. How many and who are the victims this time?

Who must have caused this? Aren’t they tired of sowing terror in the eyes and lives of these unsuspecting victims?

As a reporter, I thought about how many bombing incidents do we have to cover before we can see the end of all these? Is there an end?

I am listening to myself asking these questions, realizing I might have played gullible or simply gullible.

I am not even talking yet about how this will impact on bigger things like the economy and public safety. I’m just looking at individual lives of people like the story’s Rusty Anelito.

But what is the price we have to pay?

Listening to two old men talking (in the vernacular) in Davao City’s Ecoland terminal early Saturday morning as I was leaving for Bukidnon, I suddenly felt so insecure.

Man A: Any second now, this terminal might already be on the news.

Man B: Or maybe it already has landed on the news, maybe we did not know we are already dead.

It was horrifying. But I know letting fear rule will never solve the problem. What will?


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