Lamitan and Mati, two new cities in Mindanao

There are now two new cities in Mindanao bringing the total number from 27 to 29.

The “Yes” vote to city hood in separate referendum this month prevailed in Lamitan in the island province of Basilan and Mati in Davao Oriental.

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What will cityhood bring to a town? I heard one thing is higher share of the Internal Revenue Allotment, that is why there was an opposition from the League of Cities in the Philippines against the creation of more cities. The opposition resulted in the order for moratorium on the conversion of towns to cities in 1999 (which, by the way, was not followed.) They have even raised the required income of a town to quality for cityhood from P20 million to P100 million just to fence off more conversions.

More conversions mean more slices of the same pie — making for a smaller piece each.

But that’s for the jealous LCP, many of their members went through that process years back.

For local stakeholders, the campaign for cityhood is easier to sell.

For residents of these towns, it certainly is a big boost to live in a “city” regardless of obvious dearth of urbanity to certain extents.

Besides there is nothing to lose converting to a city. Is there any, except if you are talking about the LCP, perhaps?
Aside from politicians gaining points for winning the cityhood cause, I wonder what goes deeper from these views on local government conversions?


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