Prayers for Fr. Bossi and the conflict affected areas in Mindanao

My friend Abdul, a Maranao trader in Bukidnon sent me a text message asking about how I am and if I have updates on Fr. Giancarlo Bossi’s abduction.

Abdul and I are neighbors. He owns a sari-sari store in the neighborhood and he has been like an older brother to me when I find myself in some kind of mess.

When I started as a reporter in Malaybalay City, it was with them whom I ask for some friendly explanation about this and that on Islam and the Moro people’s history.

Many times they referred me to their elders, who gladly lectured me about my queries.The other week, I was the one who sent a text message to his cousin Jamel, a student at the Mindanao State University in Marawi City. I asked him if there are books or papers in MSU about the kidnapping business in Mindanao.

On the week Bossi was abducted, I had serious talk with Abdul about why would kidnappers single out a foreigner and a Catholic priest.

I proposed some guesses like perhaps someone would gain if a priest is kidnapped by Moro suspects. I said there could be people who wanted to pit Christians and Muslims some more and limit the Mindanao problem into a religious one, which is not.

Abdul, of course agreed. That’s why he said Bossi should be released and ease down growing tension, if any.
Lately, he saw on television news that the military had expressed optimism about cornering his kidnappers. But I thought about what day did that news come out?

I would have wanted to toe the line of the optimists, oh it so nice to be a good news bearer. But when I found out about this story, I wanted to hide. We really need prayers as a lot of work perhaps should be done in the search before we can see a freed priest these days.

We both decided to send more text messages for prayers. God bless us. Inshallah!


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