Archive | June 26, 2007

(Updated) Duty-free shop back in Davao City

Three years after it pulled out of Davao City, the local duty-free shop will be reopened tomorrow together with other shops at the Davao International Airport.

In March, the news was disclosed by the Department of Tourism signaling the city is receiving more tourist arrivals.

There are other shops that will also open in the airport’s arrival area. I can post more details later as they have organized a press conference after tomorrow’s opening ceremonies.

If I am not mistaken, the duty free shop at the Grand Regal Hotel was closed after the March 2003 bombing and for other reasons.

Now that it will be reopened it should signal better environment for tourists to come, and hopefully for more better things to come to the city and the rest of Mindanao.


A former military man eyed as chief government negotiator

There’s news milling around that retired General Rodolfo Garcia, who had served the Central Mindanao area, was eyed to replace Sec. Silvestre Afable, Jr. to head the government panel talking peace with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

The MILF released an initial reaction to his still unofficially announced appointment in its website today, saying they know him as a good man who has been a member of the government peace panel.

This piece of information came 10 days after President Arroyo reportedly accepted Afable’s  resignation and a growing clamor for her administration to give more weight to its words on the primacy of the peace process.
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