Lost and Found in Samal

After cocktails at the party launching Duty Free Philippines’ return to Davao on Wednesday, I hurried to Samal Island with another reporter to cover the inaugural ceremonies of the newly elected city government officials there.

Somebody told me my energy was amazing, it was already past 1p.m. when we took the ferry from Sasa Onse to Babak pier.

It wasn’t, however, a sound decision. Of course, not because the coverage was not worth it.

I always find solace in the island across that’s why I wasn’t able to resist the temptation to tag along. Rural life is irresistable, especially when work gets into your nerves as stressful. To cross the Davao Gulf with the 15-minute boat ride was like taking a dose of stress management.

I also got lost in the process because I didn’t beat my press deadline. I filed my stories only by 7p.m.! (It meant: yes still in for the next day stories, that’s why the word “amazing” struck me. )

At the end of the day, however, I didn’t harbor any feelings of guilt or regret, though I was sorry for my work delay.

I thought I deserved to be lost at times in order to find myself. Wew! That was deep.

In the trip I realized that I didn’t even spend a minute dipped into seawater or combed any fine beach last summer! I was deep into work and I think I needed redemption.

Sure I had trips to Surigao and Misamis Oriental, good enough, thank God.

And then Wednesday came, IT brought me unprepared to the island and exposed to a test of strength avoiding the beach. At one point, I almost asked Tatay Rene of Sun-Star Davao to hide us in his relative’s house in Catagman and place us under house arrest. Their place is near Penaplata where Samal’s officialdom feasted.

Of course, I reached Samal for work, and so for the same reason I have to leave.

I found a ride, at the back of a top down vehicle of Bombo Radyo’s Jun Baring where I figured in matter-of-lifey chats with city employees. In the private pier where we took the barge back to THE city, we chatted with vendors selling roast peanuts and ice cream bars over a recent crime scene nearby. Samal made me so at ease amidst the haste.

It was hard shifting from the quick tour of duty to DUTY. From Samal to Davao. From
amazement to reality.

I shall return. That’s a deal.


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

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