Taste of Germany, “memorabilia museum” in Davao

I joined colleagues in trying new hangouts on June 22 and 29 to unwind.

We were samplers who weren’t very willing to spend. But we still needed to open light conversations, if not forge new beginnings or sign our future on that big rock.

We sampled Haus Edelweiss Restaurant somewhere in Bangkal. They serve lots of wurst (sausages) and other German delights. They also offer imbesse or short orders for those who wanted lighter or faster food.

The restaurant is not crowded so there is a good hold of privacy. The interior is elegant in its simplicity. The lighting is also remarkable. The tables and benches are large, akin to the space afforded in between customers. I think the distance between the floor and ceiling also defines it is designed like high halls. So there is much space to dine, breath and unwind.

The price was also right, according to this officemate who sponsored our humble respite.

On the 29th, incidentally we hopped in another cafe. This officemate had to meet some Manila-based journalists who are in town for a workshop they organized in Davao.

Our place was called “The Fabulous 50s Cafe” inside Crown Regency along Cabaguio Street. Our night out was meant to update with those journalists and since we cooked dinner in the office the best I thought of ordering was instant coffee (I didn’t know the price so I played safe.)

When I was about to call the waiter, I found out we were in a restaurant full of memorabilia starting from the 1930s; from LP records to old ice crashers, traffic signs, old wooden cases of both Pepsi and Coke, and photos of old vehicles such as vintage car “De Soto Diplomat” (to be honest I didn’t know that car existed!)

Some installations also included posters printed on tin sheets of Cortal medicine, Zestful Royal Tru Orange, among others. Hey, Froi said a sign board mounted on a wall marked with “Fil Oil” referred to among the first gasoline stations in the Philippines.

As a novice on vintage stuff (stuff the old people among us could relate to), I forgot about coffee and went around the cafe as if I was viewing an exhibit in a museum.

It was like a walk in history and I thought I deserved a cup of coffee after all. But it was already too late to sample their brewed coffee, so I decided to try at least one or two offerings on the menu. Of course we left with me deciding to fast.

Anyway, I had food for the brain on history of products and promotions that night.

I don’t know where I will land next Friday but I’m looking forward to it.

To be sincerely honest, however, I think the best place to hangout are those places that fit a person’s ideals. Some hangouts are not as fabulous as others, and yet they draw their own crowd.

For me, fabulous could mean anything as long as it provides for my needs and preferences.

During the rest of the week, for example, I go to Karen’s (karenderya).

In the neighborhood tambayan I frequent, I eat lutong bahay food, drink instant coffee or Sparkle lemon drink and relax with friends, sans the worry over costly bills. Magpakatotoo ka.

Of course the occasional cafe and bar hopping is redemption.


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