Back from Mars-idea

Since I returned from Malaybalay late Tuesday evening, this is so far the first day I could say I have time to breath and blog.

Six hours after disembarking from an RTMI bus in Matina, I rode a van that took me to Kidapawan, then to Cotabato City and back. Actually some people asked me to tag along so I could probably help them later in a write up for an internal newsletter.

I took a two-day leave from the office for the trip. Surprisingly, I was still able to file my stories while I was out.

Anyway, in a portion of the trip I met with some people from Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro in a gathering in Kidapawan City.

In that short meeting, I reflected on a concern that has become a “continuing past”.
Some of my friends started reminding me about my plan to put up this Cebuano-language paper in Bukidnon.

I should say its redeeming an old, old, old plan. Our last chatter about it was at a press conference in Haus Malibu in 2001 right after the mid-term elections.

Over coffee, we talked about using the newspaper as a means to enrich use of Cebuano side by side with English even in schools and offices. This time we have more serious thoughts about it as compared to our ideas six years ago.

The publics in Bukidnon, as in elsewhere, are generally broadcast patrons. It is logical that listening to radio programs or watching television is easier than reading a newspaper published through shoestring operations.

At that time, we thought the print media could probably capture a portion of that market especially with our coverage of local news written in the vernacular.

I have a format in mind that is catchy to  AB crowd and probably tolerable to CDE readers. Its going to be a family-oriented newspaper with impact(?). Pilahay ra guy damgo noh? hehe.

I started texting old connections. Two reporters who covered the police beat, a columnist who has penchant on latest chika, another one on Bukidnon politics, a novelist who used to write with both Liwayway and Bisaya magazines, and this radio reporter who reads “Dear Ate Loring” letters on afternoon broadcast.

There are other connections I have to reclaim. I had contacts with them when I edited the Central Mindanao Newswatch, a weekly local newspaper based in Malaybalay City, way back then.

There was this budding sports writer who used to edit the Bukidnon State College school paper. I urged him to try writing sports in Binisaya (but he laughed at the idea of writing –“Sa larang sa dulang Tennis, Midaug si Federer batok sa iyang kaatbang nga si Safin sa ilahang sangka didto sa Wimbledon.”)

I told him of course I would want him to write about local sports as well, if any.

Then a day after that, news spread like fire. I got this call from a lawyer friend who is a legislator in the provincial government of Bukidnon. He started asking me about “costing” and other matters “because the idea should be acted upon.”

Then I could imagine wifey, Pa and Ma, and old friends winking at the idea.

Anyway, I’m seriously thinking about this. Why not?


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3 responses to “Back from Mars-idea”

  1. Raymond Lee Quijano says :

    pilahay damho? anong dialekto yun?

  2. Waltzib says :

    hi! it is Binisaya for “dreams are cheap anyway”

  3. Raymond Lee Quijano says :

    ioww… thanks waltzib

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