Gov’t double-talks on response to Basilan ambush

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/13 July) — Which is which? Double talk is what the government did today in reaction to Tuesday’s attack on a Marine contingent in Tipo-tipo, Basilan Tuesday, killing 14 troops, 10 of them beheaded.

Peace Process Adviser Jesus Dureza told a press forum in his seaside resort here Friday that they have tasked the government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) coordinating committees on the cessation of hostilities (GRP-MILF CCCH) to investigate the attack before any action is undertaken.

He took pride in saying the mechanisms of the peace process helped and that the Marines had not retaliated because of the primacy of the peace process. 

“We have activated mechanisms to verify and validate what actually happened,” he said.

But the Armed Forces of the Philippines had a different take.

In Quezon City, AFP public information chief Lieutenant Colonel Bartolome Bacarro told reporters Friday that the military will mount “punitive actions” against the perpetrators of the ambush. 

Bacarro claimed the military has verified the identities of the assailants, even as Dureza, the peace process adviser said AFP Gen. Edgardo Gurrea, the government ceasefire head is “still on the ground interviewing witnesses” to the incident.

GMANews TV quoted Bacarro as saying, “it’s not going to be all-out war but as we have said these are punitive actions.” Read the rest of the report on


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One response to “Gov’t double-talks on response to Basilan ambush”

  1. Ian Quinn says :

    “Which is which? Double talk is what the government did today in reaction to Tuesday’s attack on a Marine contingent in Tipo-tipo, Basilan Tuesday, killing 14 troops, 10 of them beheaded.”

    I am one of the OFW in the UAE who had closely monitoredt he sadistic or say animalistic event that happened in MIndanao last 11 July 2007.

    What kind of government we have?
    Yes, I agree and understand that our prime leaders in the country should carefully evaluate this event but they should not take this problem unattended for a long time…
    What is peace talk? how many years we already wasted in this subject? I believe this is the time that we need to eliminate the ruthless killers,kidnappers, terrorists and lawless elements in the country…
    And talking about how to deal with this difficult task?
    Simply relocate 100% of the people in BASILAN in one place let us say put them all in LAMITAN…whoever disagree must die…and then declare a NO MAN’S LAND in the remaining areas… After the clearing operation… military should be in the critical areas at least five years to ensure that the roots were all removed and then the rehabilitation can proceed accordingly….There is no other solution but to come back with a big blow…or else government troops will always be in the losing side…
    And how trusted these MILF negotiators or members are?
    There are proofs that MILF’s were protecting with the ABU SAYYAF and JEEMAIAH ISLAMIYAH….surely its because of religion…believing that they are the only righteous people on earth…who will not commit crimes…who will never performed sadistic acts like mutilation or decapitation as they said…that they are always in the defensive side..
    If this is the case, why there is no news for at least an ambushed ABU SAYYAF or JI’s because they are terrorizing the poor civilians…And for this, there is no wonder why BASILAN is the favorite destination of these lawless elements….

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