Fr. Bossi back to Italy by mid-August

“Bossi” is now a household name in the Philippines, a hero in Italy, and most certainly a Vatican guest. reported on July 21 that released kidnapped victim Italian priest Fr. Giancarlo Bossi will return to Italy to meet his family by mid-August.

Anyway, good luck to Padre Bossi, who might even share about his life as a missionary to the youth of Loreto, Italy.

The report did not indicate, however, if the priest’s trip to Italy will bring him home for good.

The website appears to be linked with the priest’s group the PIME [Pontificio Istituto Missioni Estere] or the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions.

The missionary’s return to Italy is set to mark the gathering of Italy’s Youth in Loreto. The website reported that the Italian missionary may even speak about his experience and greet Pope Benedict XVI.

By the way, as an aside, I heard youngsters in a mall Saturday referring to the priest after his release as “Bossini”.

They might have thought that Bossini is an Italian garment company because it sounds Italian, after all.

The firm, however, is Asian and is listed at the Hongkong Stock Exchange. Even if they hired European models, they sell largely in Asia.

Prior to abduction, Bossi was and still is a priest assigned by the Philippine Catholic Church to Payao in Zamboanga del Norte, on the western part of Mindanao.


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