Big Thanks!

I’m taking this opportunity to thank all those who voted for Istambay sa Mindanao in the old poll at the www.davaoblogscom. Now that it has been taken out, I can have my say about it.

I am grateful for the support shown by the random voters and thank Blogie Robillo for considering ISM in the list.

Honestly, to be included in the list is already an honor. The other two blogs in the options were definitely far, far better in content, form, and coverage. I’m sure they are the real winners.

I was surprised when I found at least half of the estimated 60 bloggers who spent time to vote selected Istambay.

Thank you! Salamat gyud! Rest assured I will spend time to harness the support by making this blog easier to digest, to cover more relevant issues, and to pursue the angle of the common people on Mindanao.

I commit to improve this blog by sticking to its purpose — to help megaphone the issues of Mindanawons for peace, progress, and good life.

I might not be able to project good news all the time. I might not very comprehensively blog on Mindanao, too.

I can only hope that this shoestring initiative will contribute in its own little way to achieve our common aspirations for Mindanao.


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

2 responses to “Big Thanks!”

  1. Blogie says :

    Blog on, Istambay! More power!

  2. Waltzib says :

    Thanks Blogie. With people like you inspiring others, we can only have one direction: on and on forward! More power too!

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