Back to Sports in a Davao neighborhood

Today I broke free from a personal myth that I could no longer play basketball. I still can despite gaining weight and this strange feeling of distrust that I couldn’t even last a minute in the court.

We played ball early afternoon, after a hearty lunch of seafoods and grill today in a friend’s place along Jacinto Extension.

I was with a group of photographers visiting a friend to help him up with some academic requisites. While I began to feel envious of their cameras, I entertained myself with mangosteen and luckily another friend invited me out of respetar if I want to play.

How could I refuse. My last streetball game was in 1999, when we all anticipated the coming of the Y2K bug. That was eons ago. Back to that streetball. I didn’t really play in top form but I still could dribble, dunk and evade offensive playmates. Of course I fouled out and a kid told me my game was “bala.” (lousy?)I really cared less. I still got those points coming, anyway.

That kid was honest. I sure played bad compared to my playmates. He didn’t see me play many years ago when I was still … never mind you won’t believe anyway.

Since I took on the job of a reporter then editor then back to reporter, I have considered myself unfit for my erstwhile sports dreams. No bias to those who stayed fit, but I kept my seat warmed and evaded games of that sort.
It was a shameful comment because you know kids dont lie. But my friend said, “no pain, no gain” so I was unfazed. Instead of sulking on my physical limitation for now, I took it as a challenge. Do they call that catarchic experience?

I think it would be best to cover work with the confidence of a sportsman. Oh well.

I resolved to plan my week with sports. No, not only to debunk that kid’s merciless snide, but to defy self perception on fitness. Its a plan. 🙂


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2 responses to “Back to Sports in a Davao neighborhood”

  1. Moses Billacura says :

    hello amigo!
    i am happy to learn that you are “back in action”.
    never mind the tummy my friend.
    what’s important is to engage in sports activities.
    aside from releasing your stress, it will help you in your “performance”.
    believe me!

  2. mindanaw says :

    Thank you. I’ve been a trying hard fitness buff inside the realms of our neighborhood. Trying to maintain the 30 -minute daily hike and also the routine stretching stuff.

    I was too risk aversive about going into team sports, not because im not a team player, but really i’m afraid to shame them unnecessarily. hehe.

    All my efforts to keep me away from becoming Humpty Dumpty are very personal, until i got to that ballgame.

    Thanks meyn!

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