Davao can do even better!

From Ferdie Ciento: “… I enjoy learning things about Davao and Mindanao. Suggestion lang, kung sana may picture tour din sa famous ninyong Davao International Airport na ma-ifeature dito sa site mo, kita ko kasi ang exploreiloilo.com at maganda ang presentation nila lalo na sa updates about their place including business and tourism prospects. Sana lumago pa ang Istambay sa Mindanao…mabuhay kayo!”

Big Thanks to Ferdie C!

Honestly, I hopped by www.exploreiloilo.com and I liked the site. It’s maintained by a 19-year old nursing student. It contains beautiful images of Iloilo City, including old churches, malls and their new “airport of international standard.”

Even if, however, I find Iloilo City via exploreiloilo’s appeal surprisingly attractive and also memorable since it was my city from 1994 to 2000, I still think Davao City, can do far better. The blog also houses news stories, among others on the city and a quick and inviting AVP promotional material on the city (I liked it).

I know there are many Davao blogs that feature the city’s tourist spots and developments. I am yet to find one, though, which fused a wide range of interests into one site that could showcase the city in the blogosphere.

Or maybe I just do not know much about that. Anyway, Madayaw Dabaw!


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16 responses to “Davao can do even better!”

  1. tjbrewed says :

    ExploreIloilo is being authored by chymera! one of my fellow forumers in skyscrapercity.com. Visitors of Skyscrapercity.com would be able to see our efforts in promoting Davao City online and providing business updates regarding our beloved city. We have posted pictures even of the Davao International Airport.

  2. Waltzib says :

    Hi tj_brewed thanks for your comments. Its good to know skyscrapercity.com is there. I have visited its davao forum often in the past since I could see some of my stories also used there. Yes there is tremendous amount of promotion for Davao in that forum.

    Tama ba ako? “chymera!” is still a student?

    By the way, while I claim I haven’t seen a single Davao blog with features similar to that of EI, I believe its due to the possibility that I haven’t surfed enough.

    Our local ‘promotive’ blogs have actually gone ahead in efforts to showcase our city.

    And when I used “Davao can do better” in the title I meant the city has more resources and advantages than iloilo.

    Exploreiloilo is relatively new, about one year old, and I can sense its vigor goes along with the energy bred upon the birth of their city’s new airport (which is actually out of Iloilo City.)

    Can I grab some of those photos on the Davao International Airport so I can show it to Istambay reader Ferdie Ciento? THanks po!

  3. tjbrewed says :

    Hi Wltzib..I totally agree with u. Anyway, u can use some of the DIA photos…in fact, you can join our forum too. Hope to see u there….

    Yup…. Chymera is still a stude. The other consistent contributor is my close friend – Bernie aka Bernimacsouthcentral.

  4. dinabaw says :

    Hi Waltbi

    There alot of davao blogs/ websites you can surf on the net , some are not member of mindanao blog , i’ll post some here if i can . anyway here are threads in SSC Davao that you can used some photos and articles.



  5. mindanaw says :

    Thanks TJ. I want to join the forum, too. Hope I can do that soonest.
    Hi dinabaw, i haven’t seen those featuring the Davao International Airport. Anyway, the search is on …. hehe.

  6. dinabaw says :

    opps sorry heres the Davao International thread


  7. marcos says :

    Hello there,

    Thanks for mentioning and linking my site to your blog 🙂 This problem of Iloilo, not having much online visibility is one of the reasons why I created ExploreIloilo. I wanted to have it focused more on a few niches like Iloilo’s tourism, project updates, and heritage and not on what’s the latest in politics or personalities. I guess that’s one of the reasons why the website has become quite successful … because I was the only one who really put much effort in penetrating that niche.

    I agree with you, that a website/blog that can mimic what I’ve done with EI will surely be more successful since there are more people searching about Davao in search engines than Iloilo and Davao has a larger tourism industry than Iloilo. And also, I guess the tourism spots in Davao are more established and developed than the ones here.

    IMO, the Davao thread in SSC has the most comprehensive info about Davao I’ve seen in the net. The only problem is that threads move quite fast and there are already thousands of them posted in many “editions” already. It could be quite tiresome for people who would want to know more about focused aspects of Davao to have to dig in the archived threads.

  8. marcos says :

    Thanks for you kind words about my website, hehe. Yes, I’m a student, now in my 4th year. It’s actually the main reason why I haven’t been able to make a Davao or Cebu blog yet, time permits me to visit these place (I’ve been dying to go to for a long time now), take pictures and horde info and blog about them.

    If I graduate, I hope someone can tour me around these places so I will know what content to write about 😉 Just a though lang … hehe

  9. marcos says :

    I mean, there are thousands of posts posted in Davao’s many archived threads already.

    IMO, the Davao thread in SSC has the most comprehensive info about Davao I’ve seen in the net. The only problem is that threads move quite fast and there are already thousands of them posted in many “editions” already.

  10. mindanaw says :

    Hi Marcos,
    Baw guid! Salamat man sang pagkadto mo di sa akon blog. Padayon ang pagpabaskog guid sang EI!

    It is one good website. Daw nadumduman ko man ang akon pila ka years dira sa Iloilo and I can’t wait to see how it looks like a century hence hehehe.

    Graduate ka da anay antis ka magtour diri! Its true, Davao has more exciting destinations pero I’m sure Iloilo has its niche market. Hambal pa sa promo “the next big thing.”

    Keep it up!

  11. tjbrewed says :

    @marcus – i ll be glad to tour u around Davao or Cebu considering that both are my home cities. 🙂 U know bernie ryt?

  12. marcos says :

    @mindanaw: oi! taga diri ka man gali sa Iloilo sang una … well, things have changed. It’s not a sleepy town anymore, just starting to get thing on track again. I’m sure when you visit here, you’ll notice many things that have changed. As for me, I want to explore other places especially Mindanao because I haven’t been there yet.

    @ tjbrewed: yep yep … me and bernie are friends, hehe .. TY guid for the tour invite, I’ll let you know na lang eh if I’m having definite plans to go to these places. Definitely, I’ll be visiting Cebu because the hometown of my father is in Bantayan.

  13. ganda says :

    hi! i read your post in PEX and i was hoping you could help me plan the 30th wedding anniversary gift to my parents on sept.20

    here’s the tentative itinerary:
    day 1 – airport to pearl farm (ON or daytour)
    day 2 – check-in at crown regency then malagos, phil.eagle, praque shrine,da aldevinco, etc
    day 3 – eden then airport

    would you recommend getting a packaged tour for the day 2 and 3 or will they have an easy time getting around, will it be cheaper or more expensive that way?
    the ON stay at pearl farm is around 8k, is it worth it or would an island hopping be more enjoyable

    am not sure of the distance of the places from the city but is the itinerary feasible
    if they cut on the pearl farm budget, they may extend another day and enjoy more sites at a relaxed pace. it is their first time in mindanao. what would you recommend?
    thanks so much for your help

  14. dinabaw says :


    it depends on your activity , if you want to be laid back then its pearl farm or if your adventorous island hopping and scuba diving is for you .see the coral garden , dive/snorkel at babusanta or even explore the pristine beach of canibad

  15. joshua mabunga says :

    yes, Davao city can do better, now that Davao city is now the most metro competitive city in the phil, im so proud of my own city, thanks

  16. joshua mabunga says :

    I’m hoping that the congress will do something to have a mindanao railway system that will start fr davao city to malaybalay city and cagayan de oro city…. go for it

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