My take on rude comments in our blogs

I have recent encounters with visitors who post comments that rudely attack other people.

One example is that reader from Valencia City in Bukidnon who posted expletives against their former mayor. He has accused the former chief executive of alleged corruption, tolerating drug trade, and spawning extra-judicial killings.

The comment was attached to “Reporter’s Notebook: Bukidnon politics: still a family affair,” which I posted on April 3. It was a report by MindaNews editor H. Marcos Mordeno.

The reputation of the mayor was really questioned, especially after losing a reelection bid.

There was this blogger, too, who vent snide on my post on Davao’s Chevrolet taxi cabs. It was annoying, to be honest, but amusing above all because it revealed the person behind the blog.

At least, she provided a link to her blog, which helped me see she was just thinking out loud.

That’s my point. Bloggers should be accountable for the comments they make.

I have no problems with those rude comments.

I personally think blogging is a form of our freedom of expression. The last time I checked, we are still in a free country!

But I personally believe those who make these kinds of comments should not be anonymous. It is unfair for the administrator of a blog to be a possible target of the ire of the attacked person.

There are recent calls for responsible blogging. Yes, I find it an important consideration not only for lofty “world peace” ideals, but a practical one even for a blogger’s own protection.

I believe blogging should be used by individuals and organizations for useful self expression. It is a gift for any able user.

But I think there should be enough space reserved for respect and fairness— crucial ideals in a civilized world like ours.

Hoping that hooligans among bloggers will understand the value of respect, I placed my own page for “Reminders on Posting Comments.” The page is actually meant to supposedly protect me from possible reprisal for allowing the entries.

I choose this over a moderated feedback scheme, which gives me additional work to sift every comment like a policeman eyeing on the suspects.

But I will purge (in moderation) comments coming from those who ignored my appeal — for forcing me to do it.

James A. Warholic posted on July 24, 2004 this entry (excerpt) at the blog (where you could find the set of code of ethics I’m using at Istambay),

And I quote:

“Here are two more nice blog ethics rules, that are rarely subscribed to:

“I will never ban a person, or delete a comment from my blog, merely because I disagree with the person, or feel the comment is too aggressive in its advocacy of a different point of view.”

“If I feel I must consider banning a person from my blog site, I will always warn and attempt to contact the person prior to blocking their ability to view, or comment on, my blog.”

That’s fair enough for me.

In as much as we wanted to give free space for others to say their piece, we didn’t want them to have “no balls” for it.

After all, the blogs attached to our names are our domains and are under our sole control. We have the right to protect ourselves.

We should call the shots.


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4 responses to “My take on rude comments in our blogs”

  1. Jun Macarambon says :

    im no anonymous. hehehe.

    theres a time when i’m thinking to be anonymous for my protection but i think i will take the risk. i just hope being a moro activist doesnt land me nor tag me as a terrorist and getting dragged somewhere else by military. yes i’m biased against military. why? heres one of the reason – AFP Harassments in Sulu.

  2. migs says :

    I always say.. “Its my blog”

    So far i just laugh at undesirable readers who put undesirable comments on my blog…

    Like this one..

    So far i’ve had only 5 of these readers (distinct.. not the ones that just change the names but has the same IP address)… and i’m sure i’ll be visited by their relatives and friends one of these days…


  3. badoodles says :

    haven’t encountered bully bloggers as yet. but in any case, m ready for a play. bully blog commentators deserve to be bullied too. and you don’t win an argument by deleting their comments in your blogs [posers and anonymous commentators are beside the point]. you have to counter a reply. make him look stupid but never go below the belt. for sure by reading, the blogging community knows who’s in the right state of mind.

  4. mindanaw says :

    Hi Jun, thanks. Good you are taking the risk, unlike many others who visit Istambay. I understand no body can claim to be “neutral” so I guess your bias is OK. I’ve read that piece and yeah I agree with u.

    I’m really very concerned about those post comments and provide no link to an identifiable persona.

    To Migs, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Next time i’ll laugh it off too. It is just that I really find it unfair that I will have no lead to their identity.

    Hi! badoodles! THanks for your post! I can argue with the blogger, but not until I know who am i hitting. If not, and they wont provide a lead — ill delete the message after due warning. I just want to get rid of eye sores.

    Hmmm… i might consider winning another argument in this blog. hehe

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