Grassroots blogging

One of my more serious agenda at the Mindanao Bloggers Summit in October (aside from partying, listening to the A-listers, and meeting new friends) is to help spread out blogging vocabulary and technology for the grassroots level.

I intend to share an idea about how blogging can be a useful tool for communities to megaphone their local issues to the world. An example is what Iranun Kaka Ali is doing in his blog from Upi, Shariff Kabunsuan.

This agenda is born out of some parallel efforts in MindaNews, our news organization, to share technology in reporting, documentation, taking photos and others to residents of communities or grassroots.

With the internet entering some used to be remote towns around Mindanao, slowly residents start to get internet access.

Internet access is beginning to go side by side with community radio and indigenous means of communication. The reality still holds, though. Still a big portion of conflict-prone, poor, and vulnerable communities around Mindanao are still off line.

They are those who need great support.

Mindanao’s bloggers can help the grassroots put up their own community blogs in their respective areas based on needs of the grassroots.

Many of these communities such as those in Upi, Shariff Kabunsuan; Kumalarang, Zamboanga del Sur, and in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon, already are connected but haven’t fully tapped blogging as a tool.

This seems to flow in the same direction with that of the summit with the theme: “Spotlight Mindanao:Blogging for Culture, Identity & Understanding. “


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9 responses to “Grassroots blogging”

  1. Nick Nichols says :

    Walter, this is a super concept: “blogging can be a useful tool for communities to megaphone their local issues to the world.”

    Go go go! (as Eddie Ramos might say). And the Davao Bloggers Conference is a great place to spread this idea. You’re on to something important.

  2. mindanaw says :

    Thanks sir Nick. hehe. Iba talaga ang kababayan sa Malaybalay, very supportive.

    I checked the program yesterday as posted in the Mindanao Bloggers blog. Pulido, empowering, and meaty talaga ang mga topics dun and are all very interesting.

    I think there is one venue there that could be a space for my little intentions — during the presentation of resolutions. Pero hingi muna ako ng guidance and help from organizers. The original plan is for me to just continue sharing about this idea here in Davao Blogs as I’m doing now. I think its good enough for a start, right?

    My idea of grassroots blogging is probably not new. In fact, many of the Davao bloggers probably are doing that, as they spread the gospel of blogging everyday.

    My special concern is with the conflict-prone and poor areas.

    This could be like part of a corporate social responsibility action for our pro-bloggers, etc. because many communities in Mindanao cannot be read on newspapers or heard on radio because of the problem of access.

    Maybe blogging could be their tool, considering its for free (relatively), they can use their own language and that it seems to be a an emerging and influential form of publishing (making it public).

    By the way, are you attending the summit? Are you back in Pinas? In Malaybalay, perhaps? Please register na sir Nick so we finally have participants from Malaybalay. I talked to two Bukidnon-based bloggers last week, hopefully they will sign up soon.

    The organizers are still looking for sponsors, maybe you could help refer or you can be a sponsor yourself! hehe.

    Thanks again sir and best regards!

  3. kitoy says :

    okay kaayo na walts…hawd jud kaayo ka ba hehehe

  4. isagani x, m.a. says :

    Goodluck po sa event ninyo

  5. Nick Nichols says :

    I’m in the Pinas; I haven’t left. I’m in Manila at the moment, though, for a couple of weeks. I thought about contacting you on your last trip to Malaybalay; but I also knew you were probably looking for some R&R on a short visit – so I didn’t intrude. But I want to find time to meet. I’ve been chatting with Irene over IM and we haven’t yet caught up with each other either.

    I’ll try to attend the Summit; I’d certainly like to meet so many of the Mindanao bloggers I’ve never seen.

    Blogging in conflict-prone and poor areas is spot on relative to the Summit theme! Surely they can find a slot for this. It deserves more than 10 minutes too. We should spend an afternoon on it. But you’re fighting an uphill battle. People in power and with privilege DO NOT want this to happen. You’re embarking on dangerous ground. As has been said many times – the internet is disruptive. It’s a way to route around old barriers and enemies before they even know what’s happening.

  6. Blogie says :

    @Waltz — This is great! Does this mean you’ll be part of the workshop facilitators? I haven’t gotten in touch with you yet, but I did think of inviting you to be part of it. That’s where you will be able to air your ideas, and provide guidance to the workshop as well.

    The Mindanao Bloggers Summit’s objectives embody what Waltz has presented in this post. I’m glad we’re getting more people who want to contribute to the cause.

  7. mindanaw says :

    @ Sir Nick – Thanks.I really would like to meet you in Malaybalay say over coffee or beer depending on the weather? Irene A. mentioned you both shared a chat sometime. Is she still in the country? Re the grassroots blogging, I will just rely on the organizers’ plans. Thanks po.

    @ Blogie – Thanks pud sir. It would be an honor to be a part of those who will help ensure the success of the summit. If as participant, I can already share briefly about grassroots blogging then I don’t have to be among the facilitators. I am very willing, however, to be a part of it as long as kaya ra sir! Thanks.

  8. mo says :

    Dear Walter,
    I look forward hearing you discuss your noble work.
    And, hopefully, I can pitch in.

  9. Waltzib says :

    @ Mo – thanks. These are the kind of stuff you hear from me over coffee but we dont necessarily hover on it as its sidelined when we talk about shared passion for Davao sports.
    I dont think we have time to talk about grassroots blogging on 27 October. My impression is that it will be discussed during the pre-Summit workshops. Am still awaiting signal from the Usual Suspects. Of course you can pitch in!

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