Barangay Mindanao

I have decided to spend less time blogging. The cut is not because of love lost. I equate blogging with relaxation and sharing. Quitting is definitely not an option.

The reason behind is primarily additional workload. I admit I need focus, I mean MORE focus. I owe it to my colleagues, my family, myself and the communities we serve.

I assured myself that this is the kind of LESS that actually means MORE. I have a vision on what I mean by that. The nearest capture I could share is: lesser frequency in updating but, hopefully, more meat in my posts.

I will train my eyes on this blog, Istambay sa Mindanao, which is actually a reporter’s journal.

I would also like to announce my new Cebuano-language blog Barangay Mindanao. It is born from two of my advocacies: the wider use of my native Binisaya or the Cebuano-language and the push for grassroots blogging, which had been subject of an earlier post.

My mother tongue advocacy extends to an appeal for people in Mindanao to make more use of their own language or dialect.

If not to preserve the language (and the culture it embodies) , at least as a window to self-examine and peep at the past.

In this case; the Iranuns, the Matigsalugs, or the Tboli speaking their own language and being able to live in the fullness of their potentials and rights.

It is part of a vision that people will have more take on self-determination. Ooops, I’m brushing politics off for now.

Anyway, I look forward to a healthier and more productive blogging life despite the constraints. Thanks for reading!


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A Journalist from Mindanao

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