A highway named Danger

I’m back!

I would like to blog on many things about last weekend. But I’d like to blog first about the most urgent.

It’s about traffic accidents in Kilometer 4 or “quatro” to people in Malaybalay City.

My in-laws figured in a vehicular accident on Saturday afternoon on their way to Aglayan, in suburban Malaybalay City.

My brother in-law B. was driving the family-owned passenger multi-cab. My mother in-law and our two nieces were with him and a couple of other passengers.

A motorcycle collided head-on with the cab. B said he was driving at proper speed, but it was the motorcycle which took a risky move to overtake a truck. The driver lost time to return to his lane.

At point of impact, the young couple who rode the motorcycle were seriously injured. Emergency rescuers took them from under the cab a few minutes later. Luckily, they survived.
In God’s mercy, family was also spared, except for some bruises, which caused as roughly a about P5,000 for hospitalization, x-ray, and medicine, among others.

What’s so urgent about this is that it happened in “quatro”which seems to be designed to be accident-prone.

Aside from reckless drivers who sometimes end up six-feet underground with their innocent passengers, these roads make reckless drivers even more dangerous!

Residents in the area, where a rubber shoe manufacturing plant is located, told me not a week would pass without an accident in that particular highway stretch.
Quatro is like a plateau. The two approaches come from low elavation, then goes higher, until the two meets at the top. Traffic investigators said drivers have to increase speed to climb up. So it is possible they couldn’t see the vehicle opposite them. (to be continued)


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