One condescending story

I found in my blog’s search engine terms yesterday the name of controversial Manila Standard Today society columnist Malu Fernandez. By this time, I think I am the last to know in this recent public uproar against an article she wrote for People Asia magazine.

Better late than never. I’m tempted to add a few takes on this.

I had searched for her original texts, to no avail. Instead I found in the world wide web hundreds of threads on her.

Her columns that depicted her view of overseas Filipino workers enraged OFWs around the world. Try these comments here on a special blog.

Fernandez have reportedly resigned from MST, according to this story amid calls to fire her. My initial reaction was to ban the magazine, too, for running that story.

Manuel Quezon III even suggested a more direct way of getting even in this post.

Fernandez said she was only being true to herself even if she loudly sounded to condescend. Kung sa Binisaya pa, Naka minus gyud siya! She sounded as if Filipino workers were pests loitering her peripherals. What was her concept of “self”? Something that is devoid of identity and sensibility?

Did the writer feed a bashing-hungry audience who shared her views on OFWs? I think there is a greater need to search for relevance, using this case as a wake-up call.

I wish I could take her side. Unfortunatly, I will not come near her. I belong to the hoi polloi, the common people which makes her slash her wrist.


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2 responses to “One condescending story”

  1. selvo says :

    salamat sa link bai, anak sad ko sa Mindanao. Pagayo-ayo!

  2. Jay says :

    Feeling nako no, na sya’y plano mag artista… Or better yet talbugan si Bryanboy. Look at Brian now, he can just diss anything and anybody but nobody gives a fuck. Hmmm… di nga kaya? Kamukha na man sya ni Minni Aguilar or ni Marissa Sanchez.

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