Mindanao IT educators upgrading

Around 150 information technology educators will meet here this week as part of the effort to upgrade IT education in Mindanao’s schools, colleges and universities to catch up
with the needs of the industry.

Edwin Marañon, Southeastern Mindanao chair of the Philippine Society
of IT Educators (PSITE), told MindaNews in an interview that upgrading
IT curriculum and sharing of knowledge is among the aims of the
Mindanao Conference on IT Education (MCITE) on Sept. 20 to 21 at the
Ateneo de Davao University. He said improving the IT curriculum in Mindanao’s schools is the main
focus of the meet as the IT industry continues to complain about the
lack of “perfect match” between the skills of the graduates and the
needs of the industry.

Marañon said there is still a lot of work to be done, but stressed
that Mindanao is not way too behind.

He said they have started to upgrade IT curricula around the island
with the help of the stakeholders, and now offering courses such as
Cisco networking and Java programming.

He said Southeastern Mindanao also has its share of “centers of
development” in IT education such as ADDU, University of Immaculate
Conception, the University of Mindanao, and the University of the
Philippines in Mindanao.

There are a total of 27 schools offering IT education in Southeastern Mindanao. (To be continued)


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

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