Kenney kini (This is Kenney)

United States Ambassador to the Philippines Chrystie Kenney has launched a charm offensive these days.

She will keynote the Mindanao Business Conference on Friday and Saturday in General Santos City. She also recently appeared on national television, where she answered both serious questions and showbiz antics.

At one point the American envoy reacted on a question on the trial and verdict of former Philippine President Joseph Estrada saying it was well-placed and orderly.

At another instance, Kenney was seen dancing to the tune of Pilipinas Game Ka na Ba’s (Philippines, are you game?) Papaya dance. The ambassador is really well traveled, especially in Mindanao, she told Istambay in an earlier interview.

Notably, her recent apperances come about the same time with the reported deployment of at least 12 US soldiers to help Philippine troops in Basilan.

Reports from said it was for humanitarian action or civic military operations, but in another line it said “as part of the effort to defeat the Abu Sayyaf…”

Which is which?


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