Housing project in protected area thumbed down

A business proposition was subordinated to an environmental check at the City Council on September 25.

Housing project developer Robinsons Homes, Inc. gets a smack from Davao City’s legislators when the latter disapproved RHI’s application to reclassify an area from protected area-low density residential zone to protected area-medium density.

Density is an issue here. The city is tolerant of mixed zoning, but not allowing to upscale the density of residents given a unit area. The developer has applied for a clearance to build around 60 houses, instead of just 20, in every hectare of their 15-hectare property in Bago Gallera in Talomo.

They vowed to build it with safety nets. But the councilors did not buy the idea, along with many other considerations.Read the report on MindaNews.com.


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