Blogging for freedom in Burma

monks2.jpg It is an inspiring thing to do and probably one that could become a worthy study of the usefulness of blogs.

BBC reported on how Burma cyber-dissidents crack censorship to report on the protests and definance of saffron-robed monks in the military ruled country.

I’m sure some of them are inside Burma right now, but those who have greater leeway are those based in other countries who have sources of both image and text reports from inside.
It is such a relief that they went past the military junta’s severe censorship. It takes a lot of courage and skills, too, to pass through all the blocks and censors.

Among the people we need to thank for the reports we get from inside Burma are the bloggers. It is such a good way to illustrate the power of the blogs, if used for purposes above self. (Photo grabbed from BBC website)


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