Microview: Military abuse in Ecoland terminal

Where you’re supposed to be safe, you are not.

KB’s presentation in his blog of a passenger’s ordeal with a soldier detailed at the Ecoland Bus Terminal in Davao City is comical.

His style is light and it made use of youtube-famed monicker to appeal for a common touch.

The story he revealed, however, no matter how common, is far from light and comical. It is a type of the excesses committed by those in uniform —-and armed.

In his account, the passenger figured in a spat with the soldier who is a member of the bus terminal security team. The scene was in the entrance to the terminal where soldiers hold passengers for frisking. Read his account here.

Key actions: Loud voices, defiance, arrogance …the list goes on. The outcomes: passenger complained to the soldier’s unit and alerted the media about it. Soldier will be reassigned to god knows where.

Major issues: what if it happened to someone who has no access to means of redress? What if it happended in an area beyond media coverage? How many victims of arrogance did not report their case for fear of reprisal?

Does the military keep tab of their personnel in and out of the field?

What happened to Passenger x could happen to passenger y and z. What happened in Ecoland could happen elsewhere.

The passenger’s complaint forced the course of action. The military unit, Task Force Davao, knows the risk left by the spat considering it also carries the brunt of media scrutiny.

While it was not a grave offense to human right, YET, it was and still is important to address.

It pays to be vigilant.Today’s little leak could be tomorrow’s danger.


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One response to “Microview: Military abuse in Ecoland terminal”

  1. kitoy says :

    hahahahahahahah ayos bords ah! call it “power tripping!”

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