Participatory tourism

I coined the title just to strike a point.

While waiting for a ride out from SM City Davao last Wednesday, I sat in in one of the meetings held at the mall’s Entertainment Plaza in time for the tourism week celebration.

That’s when I heard an officer of the Filipino Communities Association of Australia addressing the general assembly of the Davao City Tourism Council.

He spoke of involving the communities in tourism planning so they will not be left out and be out of synch in attending to tourists coming their way. Read this report on for more details.

Another way of looking at it, however, is to engage the communities as partners and not just as sit-in guests in meetings just to receive tourism briefings.

People in communities should be participating more than just as exhibits for viewing, as probably one concept in tourism villages. While they are part of our tourism assets, an important focus should be on the unique products, histories, and achievements of these people, not only on how they look, dress, chant, dance, and smile.

Looking at them as real and living people and communities could be a help. They shouldn’t be dished out frozen in time, masked, and rehearsed just to put a show.


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

2 responses to “Participatory tourism”

  1. kengkay says :

    oh how right are you about that. when people ask me about the pinas, i always tell them about our special uniqueness – warm beach water, 7,100 islands, the colonization period, etc. these are things they could immediately relate with.

  2. New Zealand Hotels says :

    thtas the way we can know each other , and form the big communities .thats the way we can make the large colonies too .

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