One Dabawenyo sports guru

DELAYED BLOGCAST: Last Monday I had a very long lunch with two friends, MC of the Business Mirror and blogosphere’s Mr. Clean Slate, Mo, who also writes for Manila Standard Today.

Time with Mo is time to update about sports. He breathes sporting fire in the city. Not that he is the only one I know. But Mo is a reporter, an advocate and a public servant. In his passion for sports you could see his desire to push for “sports governance”.


Well, I kind of coined that, actually. I wanted to capture my understanding of the things he faithfully stands for.


Coffee breaks with him is time for some enlightenment on local sports issues. Yeah, I can sense there is politics involved, too, in our sports talk.


Among our favorite topics is our capture of concrete local action on the role of sports in motivating the youth. By SPORTS I dont just mean basketball and boxing. These are of course very economically viable enterprises for future sports professionals.


My own understanding of sports is that it is a path for physical fitness, fun, clean living, discipline and character-building. Well, yes, some people make BIG money by playing sports.


Mo and I share the idealism that through a sporty way of life we have a sure way to build the youth’s character.


Of course we should provide the avenues (sports complex, public swimming pool), opportunity’s (competitions, clinics, audience with sports heroes), role models (coaches, sports heroes, teachers) and the enabling environment (pro-sports legislation, sports-minded and action-driven leaders, among others).


Even if I consider myself a sports late bloomer, and regreted being a a quitter in athletics, swimming and basketball before, I think all well-meaning adults should encourage the youth to get hooked to sports.


Do I spew ambiguity? The more reason that the sports guru should continue talking, working, and moving more constituencies for sports.







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