(Updated) First Mindanao Bloggers’ Summit on going

I’m posting this from NCCC Mall Level 4 where the Mindanao Bloggers’ Summit 1 is going on. Many surprises awaited Mindanao’s bloggers in their first ever island-wide gathering.

Lead organizer Blogie Robillo gave the welcome remarks. He told the initial audience of around 60 participants that blogging could be used to change the image of Mindanao and could be a tool for peace and understanding in Mindanao.

Davao City Councilor Pete Laviña, who was introduced as the first elected official in the country to blog, also gave a presentation on participatory governance through blogging and other blogging stuff such as wikislation. He said blogging promotes responsible “netizenship”.

Pro-blogger Bob Martin also gave a presentation on why an American like him blogs on Mindanao. He also gave a virtual tour around Mindanao by showing photos he took during his trips around the island.

Organizers also raffled door prizes such as Google shirts and IBM notebooks —yes, not the think pad.

Several blogging topics, issues and skills and even business opportunities were scheduled in the afternoon sessions.

Paring Bert Alejo, a Jesuit priest from the Ateneo de Davao University, is now giving his presentation on Conflict, Culture and Communication in Mindanao. (as of 11:40a.m.)

Fr. Alejo gave a “very educational, substantial and inspirational presentation”. I overheard the first two reactions from some participants and the last from Blogie when he thanked the speaker.

His presentation appeared to be a Mindanao 101 as it outlined both the mainstream and the sidestreamed issues in Mindanao. More of his presentation hopefully in next posts. (as of 12:45 p.m.)

Kim of Southism blog fame gave a presentation on niche blogging out from emo/ego blogging. The 19-year old blogger (did I get my facts right?) made some useful points especially to neophyte bloggers. Among the salient points I picked up as I was entering the hall was the need to be relevant even if a blogger is taking a personal tone in writing entries. (as of 1:35p.m.)

There’s supposed to be a bloggers’s party at 9p.m. tonight at a cafe, which is still a part of the summit activities. At this point, well deserved congratulations and cheers to the organizers. To put together the number of bloggers, sponsors and speakers together was one great act they pulled off with success.

I hope the fruits of the summit will go a long way for bloggers on Mindanao in the aspiration to blog for culture, identity and understanding.


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5 responses to “(Updated) First Mindanao Bloggers’ Summit on going”

  1. Aice says :

    I was happy to won the hosting with domain name ^_^ kailan kaya yun bigay …

  2. Mikko (the youngest participant) says :

    Saya ng summit. Waaa, stayed with Kuya Blogie till 230 sa Fwends Diner, nakapagisang San Mig Light pa. Hehe. Tas tambay lang konti kina kuya Brian tas deretso na uwi Gensan.

    I’ll be missing you guys. Hope to see you again!

  3. migs says :

    Di kita nakilala!

  4. cqkgjytmwg says :

    cqkgjytmwg cqkgjytmwg cqkgjytmwgcqkgjytmwg
    cqkgjytmwgcqkgjytmwgcqkgjytmwg cqkgjytmwg

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