I’m Signing the MBS1 Declaration of Commitment


In principle, I believe the commitments sought here as proposed on Saturday are OK. There could be other matters to be discussed but maybe its wise to raise them later.

I believe that the first response to the challenge of Paring Bert Alejo’s propositions in his presentation could be to pen down our signature. I believe some already signed?

Alejo raised several calls such as Mindanao bloggers are ought to be pro-active; culturally, socially and historically relevant; sensitive and also vigilant. High and tall orders, indeed. But it matters.

I think signing this document makes it an unpretentious, comprehensive and concrete achievement of the summit.

Mindanao Bloggers Summit 1

Declaration of Commitment
27 October 2007

For greater understanding of Mindanao

We, the Mindanao bloggers, believe in the harmonious and parallel growth of technology and social transformation.

We believe in fostering understanding among the diverse peoples on the island.

We believe in the peace in Mindanao through the respect of cultures, beliefs, aspirations and recognize common aspirations of people.

We commit to continue writing, using the new medium of blogging, as a means to appreciate the beauty of the people, culture, places, creativity, spirituality, development, and peace.

We commit to share our experiences, dreams, aspirations, fears as Mindanaoans, through the medium known as blogging.

We recognize the diverse points of views in our blogging but we believe we can only foster greater understanding through dialogues, and constructive debate or exchange of ideas online.

We reject narrow-mindedness, religious/cultural/gender intolerance that curtail free expression and dampen our passion to connect with one another and to our land.

In the name of everything that is good, we bind ourselves to this commitment.


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

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