Q&A: ‘Bloggers Have a Social Responsibility’

The Asia Media Forum forwarded this to me today. I’ll share this just in case: 

Once referred to as the ‘most hacked blogger of Malaysia’, Jeremiah Foo moves around in the music, publishing and computer industry circles — yes, all of those. He co-founded the eMuse Network, a pioneer in digital media and content development in south-east Asia. Before becoming a full-time journalist, Foo was the artiste and repertoire manager for Sony Music Entertainment. The multi-awarded songwriter and composer was also co-founder of the National Music Society of Singapore. 

Today, Foo is lecturer and Convergent Media programme manager of ShantoJeremiah Foou University in China, and visiting lecturer of The University of Hong Kong. He is producer-at-large of Asia247.tv, Asia’s first podcast-only English news station, which assists traditional print media to enter the realm of rich media. He is part of mybloggercon, which gathers together Malaysian Chinese bloggers in the hope of promoting Chinese-language blogging as well as to give them a venue to voice out their views about issues in the region. Read the rest of the entry here.


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