What press freedom?

Three months ago, the National Press Club commissioned a group of artists based in Luzon to do a mural depecting press freedom in the country.

Now, the mural, the group, and the NPC share the public limelight with accusations of bastardization and violation of press freedom via censorship. There are also serious questions on intellectual property rights or the rights of the artists to their art as they accused the NPC of altering their artwork.

I remain an observer on this recent issue to catch national attention. The reason, however, why I’m putting this in this platform is because I believe in the group’s rallying point. The group choose to depict the freedom of the press and the fight to keep it, is an issue of the man-on-the-street, not just an exclusive and sole struggle of the journalists in the country.

Read more on the issue at the group’s website here and here. A link also on today’s story at the Inquirer here.


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