(My Views) Reforms in selection process urged for Comelec

The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting threw in their take on the recent noise at the Commission on Elections.

PPCRV saw something fishy in the alleged lack of transparency in the selection process with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s appointment of Iligan City judge Moslemen Macarambon, Sr. Read the MindaNews story here.

The poll watchdog making noise even from the start, say, in the appointment of commissioners is commendable. This is good rather than just deal with the problem only on election day.

I think the public clamor is more particular on the need to reform the selection process, instead of being so inhuman to dwell on the personal.

Just like many Mindanawons and Filipinos in general, I don’t personally know Judge Macarambon.

But I know the reputation of the Comelec into which he was appointed to. We know how the commission suffers a bad reputation. For sure, the appointment of fresh names should be a big help to save its face.

I also know the reputation the appointing person is accused of. President Arroyo does not seem to have an “untarnished” name herself with all accusations against her still unresolved. That doesn’t mean she’s also guilty though. We could charge the buck to impeachment bids that did not prosper.

What I think happened last week was that we were treated to a situation: An unpopular chief executive appointed a relatively unknown person (unknown in the national limelight of controversies) to an office that has suffered a credibility problem.

Of course the public has to figure out if the honorable judge is different from past presidential appointees and if he could help cleanse the commission.

A doubt is cast on the transparency of Judge Macarambon’s appointment and that media reported about a facet of his personality in revealing the Trans Asia case.

We have heard so much against the judge. But what is said against him doesnt necessarily mean that’s it.

The judge should know better that the appointment placed him at the pedestal of public opinion.

But even so, I still don’t think it already speaks of whether he is fit to the office or not.

I guess the noise is not about him as the new appointee.

It is more about the appointing person, the President. Also it is about the bad reputation of the agency that is the Comelec.

Above all, the question primarily involves process. How and why are questions that need to be answered beyond the what, where when and who.

How did the judge become the new commissioner — why did the President choose him and what selection principles and standards did she gauge?

Does anyone care to explain to the man on the street about this?

That is the question. Obviously, it probes so much on the power of a presidential discretion.


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