Hard Habit to Break

Eleven days have passed. It seems like months to me. For so long, I couldn’t create a post and tend to my cyber fields. I barely had time to blog, not even a minute just to link an article to this platform.

I discovered that I took my blogging time to the edge for the past days. I placed it at the last of my priorities when faced with challenging schedules and tasks.

I spent most of the last 11 days, in one hand, wrapping up my work as a Davao-based reporter. Preparing program reports side by side with the daily grind of news reportage.

On the other hand, I have to break the waters for my return to Bukidnon, a thing that I have to do, but for a while had been the epitome of postponement.

This is a time for a test of time. Managing time is a skill. I think scaling the priorities and re-charting my daily schedule requires focus from me.

In a transition period like this, there are things and personal habits I have to give up. I have to gave way to new things or to learn how to pass on. One of those things is to help train an apprentice.

I t is not an easy thing to train somebody, it has required of me to recollect on my disciplines (or the lack of it?) blah blah.

So I thought blogging was the natural “collateral damage.”

I have realized, however, that blogging is like singing to me. It helped me relax a bit as I could pour out my thoughts and feelings into a post.

Those who like to label things call this “emo” blogging. Whatever. For me this is as important as blogging about the world – the self being a real and active part of the whole.

Anyway, I realized that blogging is a hard habit to break for me. Once a blogger, forever a blogger!


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

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