Mindanao Week of Peace starts today

For the ninth time this year, the Bishops-Ulama Conference has held on to the ground by leading the celebrations for the Mindanao Week of Peace (MWOP).

The BUC adopted Zamboanga City’s Peace Week and made it Mindanao-wide in 1999.

For almost a decade, the peace weeks have been opportunities for “peace weavers” to reflect on the need for peace in Mindanao, every stakeholder’s role and what has been done to attain lasting peace.For those who have peace initiatives, the MWOP has probably become a culmination of year round of efforts; or to some a time to start it.

Over the year’s, however, the celebrations were scattered around the island.

There are efforts now to weave them together and assess its impact to the over-all desire of Mindanawons to attain peace.

A quick peek at the focus of the MWOP from 1999-2007:

2007: “Building Bridges of Peace with our Peace Officers”
2006: “In the Name of the Almighty, God of Harmony, Care for the Earth”

2005:“Millennium Development Goals: Women and Youth as Partners in Peace Building”

2004: “A reconciled family, agent of reconciliation”

2003: “Healing through Forgiveness: Key to Total Human Development”

2002: “Peace through Reconciliation: Mindanaoans seeking a common ground”

2001: “Peace: Sharing the Vision of Unity and Hope”

2000: “Mindanaoans Journeying Together Towards a Culture of Peace”

1999: “Healing the Past, Building the Future”


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