Back in Kamuyot country

From now on, Istambay sa Mindanao will be blogging from Malaybalay City, Bukidnon still in Mindanao, Southern Philippines.

I’m back to my home province Bukidnon and on my day one as editor of Malaybalay’s Central Mindanao Newswatch.

Actually I’m just a consultant to the 19-year old weekly paper. From 2000 to 2004, I worked as a full time staff here, from being a marketing officer, reporter and editor before resigning in April 2004 and joining the Davao staff of MindaNews in June 2004.

After a meeting with the manager in the morning, I was scheduled to meet the communication development interns from Bukidnon State University.

Tomorrow, I hope I really make it to Bendum, Busdi, Malaybalay City for an assignment with MindaNews. I will stay connected to our cooperative of journalists based in Davao City.

These and a correspondent work with the Union of Catholic Asian News (UCAN) should keep me busy as a freelance reporter in this province.

For a while I would miss Davao City, but this should be a welcome respite –back to base.

I hope I could still give substantial updates on Mindanao from Bukidnon. Best wishes to all.


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11 responses to “Back in Kamuyot country”

  1. isko b. doo says :

    without sounding gay or anything, good luck with your new job man!

  2. prixbanzon says :

    helowww .. do it you are good at that. unsa na kamuyot ? naa nay meaning. musta na man … diha bukidnon … naay press briefing tom on property investments. get updates at south phils business .. hehe !

  3. Mo says :

    We are not worried higala!
    You are also back in your loving wife’s arms!
    Ok ra kaayo na!

  4. Waltzib says :

    Hi all.

    @ isko buing ka guid Jo, bisan in-ana naa pa jud diay mga gender underpinnings? hehe. Thanks.

    @ prix, yo beautiful ninang prix. I’m ok here. Busy ang freelance work kay dapat kayod gyud ka. But I sensed this is a better arrangement for now..

    @ Mo. Mao gyud doy. Ayoayo diha. I am trying to share the things i learned from you on sports reportage and the way LGUs value their sports programs.

    God Bless.

    Sorry wala pang time to update entries.

  5. CQ says :

    ayo ayo diha doy. moadto ko puhon diha…
    basta pag andam og kamote. bantay ka lang.


  6. beautiful Minds says :

    all the best for the new job and hope u started enjoying the same..

  7. Jayclops says :

    bantog ra wala ka mu-reply sa text gahapon. anyway, good luck and more power, waltz.

  8. waltzib says :

    Hi all.

    @CQ – doy, thanks. When ka anhi? Mahilig jud ka mangutot noh kay kamote jud imo gihandum. hehe.

    @beautiful minds – thanks for dropping by. I’m enjoying gyud.

    @ Jay – Hehe. Sorry wa ko ka reply Jay. Wa tuyoa. But I forwarded the text message to our trainee. I hope she made it to the taping. Thanks for dropping by.

  9. Blogie says :

    Hey Walter! Good luck sa imo diha sa Bukidnon! Davao will miss your brand of reportage for sure. Unta madayon ang plano nato on blogging para diha sa area nimo karon ha? Email lang anytime bai!

  10. Waltzib says :

    Hi Blogie,
    Thanks for dropping a message.
    Opkors, the blogging thing is still in the horizon per our earlier discussion. hehe. Just give me time to work on the local paper’s content, then later, blog and to talk with some local bloggers. I’ll let you know for updates sir.

    Thanks and best regards!

  11. Claire the Cat says :

    hi walter!!!! i wish you all the best in your homecoming. your heartland will take good care of you. i promise. mwah mwah

    miss you already. say hi to your beautiful and understanding wife Chiza for me

    more stories please. 🙂

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