Working offsite in Mindanao

Technology has whipped the way we work, allowing us many conveniences and sometimes inconvenience, too.

I’m wrapping up a training workshop for kids on Basic Reporting here in Davao City. The two weeks engagement gave me a chance to relive my four years here in Mindanao’s most populated city.

Oh its not vain, not really.

Because it also took me out from my commitments in my “commune” in Bukidnon barely five months after reclaiming homage there.

I was forced to agree to a work scheme that allows me to handle the daily grind of workshops without leaving behind my editing work in Bukidnon’s local newspaper, family commitments and even a house project.

The scheme, thanks to the internet and some open-minded employers, tries to make me “present” for both jobs: as trainer-coordinator on one hand and as a reporter-editor on the other.

So as workshop participants and I talk about the inverted pyramid technique in news writing for our laboratory newsletter, I get to check on reports such as the one on this errant contractor who has delayed road projects in Bukidnon’s internal highways; filed by our reporters.

From this summer project, we then proceed to another training work in Cotabato City with IBS, a community of NGOs in Central Mindanao area working in communities where there were fightings over the years.

Since the internet is now available even in Upi, Sharriff Kabungsuan province; offsite work for my editing job won’t create much trouble.

I am sure this scheme works only for a short run. But I’m thankful I can work off-site. It allowed me to move from one task to another without feeling guilty that I was jumping aimlessly. It allowed me to practice my multi-tasking disposition. Besides, I think we need to escape monotony continuously.

Along side improved road networks and transportation in Mindanao and despite uncertainties in the on- going peace processes, modern technology has afforded this worker of the printed word to swing from a location to another in the Mindanao village.

Hopefully God allows work to be done just as well. Inshallah!


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