Pikit stop over: Pamogon coffee break

Pamogon Store
Stall No. 04
Pikit Public Market

For coffee drinkers, a natural choice for a stop over in between Cotabato and Davao cities aside from rest room visits and road side meals, is the Pikit Public Market.

Aside from it being a vibrant and busy market place, it offers Pikit’s famous Pamogon “excelsa” coffee.

We scoured for that ‘aromatic’ redemption and found it for sale in many stalls at P130 per kilo.  

I had been curious about what makes the humble native Pamogon coffee unique. I’ve been drinking this coffee for a while and I wanted to know more about how this was made.

And in this recent trip to Central Mindanao I wanted to know the answers.

From Kutawato, we traveled back to Davao City Monday to swing from a field consultation for a training in June.

I’ve got one discovery, which is perhaps no longer new to others. The famous coffee is dried, roasted and processed in Pikit by many vendors using beans bought from Davao and other neighboring places.

Vendors at the market said the coffee is known all through out by the name “Pamogon” because it is traded widely by an Ilocano “kape-talista” who got the Maguindanao monicker of the Maya bird.

I’ve bought from another store where I haggled and earned a 10 percent discount. But we dropped by the store run by the trader, “Pamogon”.

He’s got the biggest stock in that “coffee and sugar” section of the market.

Thelma, from whomI bought my one month supply said they buy coffee beans from Pamogon and process the coffee by themselves.

So Pikit coffee is actually coffee from around North Cotabato (and even Davao and other Mindanao areas) “traded” by kape-talista Pamogon and processed by Pikit entrepeneurs. All the while, I thought it was also grown in Pikit.

That is my one simple discovery this week.








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3 responses to “Pikit stop over: Pamogon coffee break”

  1. kang4roo says :


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  2. Rannea says :

    Ang koppee mo manang ay ang sarap tulad ng dala ng nanay ko noong nagbakasyon siya sa pikit.

  3. annie zacaria says :

    da uy,,gimingaw na baya ko sa imong coffee manang.unsa-on man kay dugay na-ku wa ka inom ana ba.hinaot lng na mka-uli na-ku diha sa ato.godbless u manang…..

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