Released Philippine eagle killed in Mt. Kitanglad

Three-year-old Philippine Eagle “Kagsabua” was killed by a local airgun shooter near the village where
he was released just four months ago inside the Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park, an environment official said.

Felix Mirasol, community environment and natural resource officer, confirmed to MindaNews Wednesday that witnesses have identified the culprit described as a young man who failed to attend information
drive on the Philippine Eagle (pithecophaga jefferyi).

Mirasol is the Mt. Kitanglad Protected Area superintendent.

Kagsabua was last sighted on July 7 and was known to be missing between July 8 and 10, Mirasol said. He said a search operation was immediately launched.On July 12, he said, the transmitter gadget attached to the eagle’s body was found buried at least six inches in the bank of creek.

Kagsabua is reportedly the first eagle fitted with a satellite transmitter and a VHF radio to monitor his activities.

No carcasses were found, but Mirasol said feathers identified to be of the eagle were found near the gadget. Walter Dalasanay, head of the Kitanglad Porters Association, also reported recovery on July 15 of
two avian feet believed to have belonged to Kagsabua.

Mirasol said he ordered a “full blown investigation” on July 14.

Mirasol quoted Celestinano Yabunan, head of the Kitanglad Guard Volunteers (KGV), as saying on Wednesday that three witnesses are signing an affidavit that they saw a man, whose name was not made
available as of press time, shot and ate the male eagle in La Fortuna village, next to Lupiagan, where the eagle was released by officials of the Philippine Eagle Foundation and other government and community
officials in March this year. (To be updated)


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5 responses to “Released Philippine eagle killed in Mt. Kitanglad”

  1. jigs says :

    it’s very sad to know that there are still people who tend to destroy this beautiful creations of God. Philippine eagle considered as king in the sky, their beauty never been given importance to this heartless hunters. hope education and love would save this art of nature so that our children’s children will still witness its beauty. nice blog keep it up!

  2. phpcurious says :

    I think the problem here is the lax of our own national laws with regards to punishing the culprits.

  3. ivy says :

    i feel sad about this news. many people are still ignorant about endangered animals and their protection.

  4. Walter Balane says :

    I failed to upload this but the suspect has been identified (as it has come out in the news already) and that the Protected Area and Wildlife Bureau people have filed a case against him.

    He claimed he did not know he killed an eagle!

  5. rade says :


    i read your blog about the Philippine eagle. i used to climb the Mt. Kitanglad and i am sad to hear about the Philippine eagle. It is still dangerous to free this kind of birds in the woods. there are still people who will try to destroy the nature.

    i hope they will realize that killing is same as destroying it. it is so sad to hear it..

    it is really true that MAN IS THE PROBLEM. therefore MAN WILL BE THE SOLUTION also.

    i am asking your permission to allow me to put your blog in my multiply and other blog site.

    i hope you will allow me. i will wait for your response. especially your blog that is related to nature.

    thank you!

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