In the midst of it all

Monologue in front a TV report on the Lanao Norte attack

This is a time to be old,
and a time to be young
a hesitation we cannot flaunt.
In this time of Mindanao
I know I am home,
but I know I am not at home.

Who would want to breath the threats in your life?
Who would want to see blood on the streets?
Who would want to be a target at any time?

Do we want peace?
What kind of question was it that they ask?
Do we want peace?
What kind of answer do they want from us?

We wanted it all our life
We wanted it every time we sleep and we wake up
We wanted it in the past and we wanted it now!
We wanted it. We needed it!

Dare not to play with our fate
Dare not to toss hope and crash hope
Dare not to toy with our homeland
Dare not to keep us wait any longer.

Give us what we ask for.
This is a time to be home.


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

One response to “In the midst of it all”

  1. bariles says :

    Hi sir walter,

    I sent you an email inviting you to be one of our resource speakers for the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit slated on Oct 25th, this year in Gen. Santos City.

    We are already finalizing the program and are just waiting for your reply to our request.

    Please email me at or

    Salamat po.

    Avel Manansala

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