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“Global disorder” at back draft of Bukidnon’s 2009 budget

(NEWS) “The future appears gloom and bleak,” Gov. Jose Ma. R. Zubiri told the provincial board Thursday citing that the debacle of economic difficulties is real and could not be ignored.
Zubiri has proposed a P1.06 billion-2009 budget to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan but vowed to keep budgetary controls and prioritization of expenditures amidst the treat of a global recession.
He cited that the country is beset with “serious global disorder” foretelling a “downfall in the global capital market that “will not spare the Philippine economy”.
“There is an eroding confidence in the US financial market and growing discontent on the so-called American model of capitalistic economic enterprises,” Zubiri said in his introduction. Read More…


Eagles of hope

The Philippine Eagle Foundation has announced its plan to release two new eagles into the wild of Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park in January 2009.

This is despite the death of a Philippine Eagle named “Kagsabua” (unity) in July 2007, which it released just months earlier.

“What happened to Kagsabua is not a stumbling block,” a PEF official said in this report at

In GenSan: Mindanao Bloggers Success Part 2 (MBS2)


The organizers of the Second Mindanao Bloggers Summit in General Santos City did it.

MBS2 was a huge success looking at parameters such as number of participants, media mileage, impact, and preparations.

Bongga ang food, presentations, and gimik, and I heard the tour was fuhhhhn, too!

OK pud ang hosting, including the choice of masters of ceremonies.

We stayed in East Asia Royale Hotel and it was also good. Read More…

A paper fighting for survival

Cut-throat and new competition, lack of reliable marketing personnel, and the “global crisis” hit Bukidnon’s local newspaper over the past months.

To survive, a series of austerity waves splashed our small newsroom and over the past months it has affected operations.

Until one day, the publisher announced retrenchment or downsizing or whatever.

We will be forced to squeeze limited resources, go the extra mile, bid goodbye to some close colleagues just to stay alive.

This is the best time to do “magic” from little resources to big dreams. Read More…

Rethinking campus journalism

The better way to teach journalism in campus is to train them to write for life.

Perhaps, that’s a motherhood phrase.

What I really wanted to say is to go beyond competition mode.

The holding of competitions to test the skills of school children on campus journalism might have worked to a certain point.

But making the students practice campus journalism more might do miracles and fish more youth to the craft of factual reporting. Read More…

New blogs from Bukidnon

After months of introducing the concept of blogging to people I cross path with, two groups finally agreed to let me create a blog on their behalf.

I agreed to create the blog of a Valencia City-based family, the Jardinicos, who are considered to be among the worst fire victims in the country at www.jardinico12.wordpresscom. Also, I am introducing the blog of the Kalasungay Association of Professionals, a group composed mostly of residents of a lumad-dominated community in Malaybalay City at

I have agreed to create these on their behalf with an understanding that this is only instructional on my part and that they will later on take over the administration of their own blogs.

This is part of my little way to spread the “gospel of blogging” to those whose voices deserved to be heard but are not yet equipped to do it via blogging.

This is in addition to the community blog I created in June 2007 to promote the campaign to let peoples and communities blog about themselves.

I recognize the great difficulties I encountered in convincing many groups to join the blogging community. But I also respect and accept that they also have equally difficult hurdles to step up to a platform still unfamiliar to them.

I hope this will bear fruit, especially for their respective aspirations.

In Bukidnon, medicine supply woes traced to price

The lack of medicines in Bukidnon provincial hospitals and health stations has been blamed on failures in the bidding process, more specifically to the Capitol’s low approved budget for contract (ABC) or price index.

It was reportedly pegged at 2004 rates, a provincial legislative inquiry has discovered.

This seems a simple problem of public policy. But what could be the reaction of every Jose, Caring, and Juana when they are told about this in the front lines, say, in the out patient department of public hospitals?

The public, especially the indigents, are repeatedly being told of the “no available medicines” situation despite the province’s supposed “award-winning” flagship program on health. Read More…